The Bud Light Wizard got a helping hand from Sketch Events to create a series of props for the latest phase of its viral Dilly Dilly viral campaign for 3Monkeys Zeno


Design and Idea Creation

Set Build and Development


Bud Light partnered with three reality TV stars and influencers to recreate their favourite things – and make them even better!


Love Islander, Chris Hughes, had his beloved tractor converted into an impressive piece of Bud Light machinery. Binky Felstead of Made In Chelsea fame had her furry friend Scrumbles transformed – no more need for walkies! Lastly, the Bud Light wizard paid a visit to TOWIE’s Lucy Meckenburgh, who had her treasured squat rack revamped.


Sketch Events designed and built the props using over 1000 boxes and cans. The props mirrored the originals in look and scale to ensure the before and after transformation photos were seamless. The two photographs were then converted into a gif for social sharing. The influencers shared their Bud Light magic with their millions of followers, generating significant social outreach for the brand.


Following the photoshoots, the props got a second lease at Wembley Stadium as part of the AB InBev exhibition.




Chris Hughes:


Binky Felstead:

Lucy Meckenburgh:

If you are not familiar with the work of the Bud Light Wizard, see him in action here:


#DillyDilly pushed out to almost 5 million followers on 3 major influencers’ Instagram accounts: Chris Hughes (1.9 million followers), Binky Felstead (1.4 million followers) and Lucy Mecklenburgh (1.4 million followers).