What we did

  • Location Booking
  • Prop Design & Build
  • Set Build and Development
  • Install & Logistics
  • Production Drawings & Visuals

GambleAware: Clouded Billboard

We brought to life a powerful piece of work by Lucky Generals for their client GambleAware.

GambleAware are on a mission to shatter the stigma associated with gambling harms by shining a light on them.

Brief Objective

To raise awareness of GambleAware’s mission to shatter the stigma associated with gambling addiction, through mirroring some the feelings experienced by someone exposed to gambling harms.

The Solution

Our latest special build OOH fills with smoke to intermittently obscure the messaging, ‘Gambling clouded everything I did…’

It was a 4.2m x 2.4m build, complete with multiple fog machines that were hidden within the base of the structure. They intermittently released fog on an automatic timer. This shrouded the view of the artwork in the billboard, bringing the message to life. Once completely full, the fog was extracted from the build, to clear the message and make it visible again.

The billboard was installed in Birmingham, chosen due to its levels of  gambling, with 38,000 adults in Birmingham affected – 55% higher than the Great Britain average.