What we did

  • Location Booking
  • Install & Logistics
  • Specialist Build
  • Prop Design & Build
  • Ride Hire
  • Event Staffing & Management
  • Merchandise Production & Distribution

Netflix: ‘You’ Twisted Teacups

Netflix came to us for an idea to launch the 4th season of their popular series ‘You’. We came up with the teacup ride concept, based on the key artwork for the new season.

In Brief

We activated this Netflix: ‘You’ Teacups ride in both Manchester and London, to show UK-based fans of the series a bloody good time!

In Detail

The Netflix: ‘You’ Twisted Teacups ride was a concept we created to bring the key artwork of Joe (Penn Badgley) with his tea cup full of blood. This was the first teaser of the new season being set in the UK.

In order to execute this we hired a mobile fairground teacups ride, from our friends at Russell Up Events, and completed a full vinyl wrap of the entire ride. We even produced and installed the giant teacup, as well as the pools of fake blood – adding to the gore!

The ride first visited Manchester, where it was launched to the public for the very first time. After a full day at Exchange Square, the ride moved down to the capital city. Again, it was live for a full day – this time at Observation Point – for thousands of Londoners (and many travellers from outside the city) to enjoy this Netflix experience.

Guests queued for a chance to take a ride on the Twisted Teacups and could even get themselves a free cup of blood red tea in bespoke cups from a branded tea station. Over the course of the 2 activation days, we gave out over 8,800 cups of tea to passers-by and Netflix fans!