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Enola Holmes 2: Matchbox Billboard

To launch their sequel to the first Enola Holmes movie, Netflix came back to us with another stunt brief to raise awareness of the release date for Enola Holmes 2…

In Brief

The matchgirl strike of 1888 was a significant historical moment in British history, but also has a significant role in the film itself. Netflix wanted to draw attention to that moment in time, with a stunt that referenced it well, whilst also promoting the release of their latest, star-studded production.

In Detail

We designed, built and installed a giant, 6m x 4m billboard (that looked just like a huge matchbox) at the exterior site of Westfield Shopping centre, opposite Shepherd’s Bush station. The billboard was made from recyclable and re-useable materials and showcased the key artwork of the new film.

This special build billboard was in situ for 6 consecutive days. Over the weekend of its stay, it was manned by 4 actors, dressed as Victorians, who were engaging with passers-by and handing out 3,000 bespoke-made match boxes with custom merchandise items inside (including badges, stickers and information cards). They did all this with authentic, cockney accents and even offered a, very 1880’s, shoe shining service!

The film’s narrative encourages the younger generation to take action on what matters to them. Our matchbox handouts included information for the audience to dive deeper into the troubles women faced in the 1800s, and what action was taken to progress to where we are today.