Disney’s “Let it Shine” VIP Screening

Published on July 31, 2012

 The Mayfair Hotel was host to a full star studded event for the VIP screening…

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Johnson’s "Brighter Day"

Published on July 5, 2012

Last Thursday we spent a lovely day in the sunshine at Westfield London, very apt…

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SKODA: Citi-Henge

Published on July 2, 2012

This ambitious Stonehenge replica was specially commissioned to celebrate the launch of the ŠKODA’s new…

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Sketch Loves: Harvey and the Rabbit

Published on May 11, 2012

Having an office dog and being a bunch of animal lovers means we are partial…

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Sketch Loves:The adidas “Take the Stage” campaign

Published on April 27, 2012

With numerous London 2012 sponsors, both major and minor, all competing to piggyback on the UK’s imminent sporting spectacle,…

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Sketch Loves: Draw Something

Published on April 19, 2012

‘Loves’ may not be strong enough a word to describe our fascination with this Pictionary…

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Sketch Loves: 3D Projection Mapping

Published on April 12, 2012

Yes, we know, another post on the same topic? Apologies for sunding like a broken…

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Sketch Loves: Facebook Timeline

Published on April 4, 2012

Yes, yes, we know… we must be the only ones who do right? It would…

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Sketch Loves: A Good Bus Stop

Published on April 3, 2012

From posh seating to the smell of freshly baked potatoes, brands have been making fantastic…

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Sketch Loves: April Fools

Published on April 2, 2012

It’s that time of year and everyone is a little weary of the news they…

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Why we are LOVING Pinterest…

Published on March 27, 2012

        We live in an increasingly visual age where every second millions…

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Swatch Asia Xmas Event

Published on March 27, 2012

Starting in Shanghai and ending in Hong Kong, this event included two private boat parties,…

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Brand Advocacy (or look how jolly nice we are!)

Published on March 14, 2012

One of our Account Execs, Charlotte battled through the busy crowds in our local Starbucks…

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Corona Extra Summer: Pop Up at the Southbank

Published on January 17, 2012

This Experiential pop up bar was created for much loved Mexican beer brand Corona. The…

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3D Projection Mapping

Published on November 17, 2011

Video Projection Mapping is fast becoming the technique to use for companies to get their…

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Volkswagen Art Heist

Published on October 18, 2011

    Volkswagen have just launched a lovely new Experiential campaign to celebrate the launch…

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The Heinz ‘Beanzstalk’

Published on October 14, 2011

When Heinz’s PR came to us and asked if it would be possible to create…

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Swatch ‘Full Blooded Collection’ Window @ John Lewis

Published on September 20, 2011

We were up super early to fit the newest window display at John Lewis, Oxford…

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‘Mums’ the Word…

Published on September 20, 2011

Have you noticed recently the rise of the ‘Mum’? Whilst always traditionally the ‘gatekeeper’ of…

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Festivals: The Secret Ingredient

Published on August 9, 2011

There have been an explosion of new so called ’boutique’ festivals in the last few…

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