Top 10 PR Stunts of 2023

Published on 8 November 2023

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In this fast-paced world, brands are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to capture the public’s attention. 2023 was a great year for PR stunts! There were plenty of ground-breaking ideas that left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. From heartwarming gestures to mind-boggling spectacles, here’s a list of our Top 10 PR stunts of 2023; (in no particular order…)

1. NYC Lands in Canary Wharf


Free NYC pop up in London!🗽🇺🇸 Until Sat 23rd September Canary Wharf will be transformed into a New York inspired cityscape ✨ You’ll find hot dog stands, NY style pizza, subway station, street performers, yellow taxis, breakdancers, caricature artists as well as a big yellow bus and a NY inspired newspaper and merchandise stand… 📍Water Street #londonpopup #thingstodoinlondon #freethingstodoninlondon #londonitinerary #londontown #londonactivities #londonweekendideas #canarywharflondon #nyclife #nycvslondon #freepopup #londonfunactivities

♬ original sound – 🦇

To launch the brand-new apartment building, inspired by the architecture of New York City, Canary Wharf Group transformed a nearby street into a completely immersive and seriously authentic NYC experience across the weekend.

From lunchtime deals on giant slices of NYC pizza, served straight from a yellow school bus, to breakdance troops busting moves to iconic New York hip hop anthems in front of a fake subway station – there was plenty to keep visitors and passers-by occupied.

You can learn more about this stunt, and how we brought it to life, by reading our case study.

2. Netflix: You | Twisted Tea Cups

This year, season 4 of Netflix’s ‘YOU’ series was unveiled and launched for fans to enjoy. However, season 4 follows the main character’s journey set in London.

The key artwork for all promotional material showcases Joe holding a teacup filled with blood. This was then brought to life through a cleverly created experiential PR stunt – a branded teacup ride that was activated in both Manchester and London. There was even ‘blood red’ cups of fruit tea given out for people to enjoy, completely free.

Find out more about this stunt by checking out our case study.

3. Emma: Sheep Sleep

Emma Mattresses launched a campaign to highlight some of their research which shows that Brits living in the countryside get a whopping 219 more hours of sleep a year than those in cities. They call this the ‘Green Sleep’ trend…

So, a lucky bunch of sleepers have been putting the Green Sleep trend to the test in the world-first ‘Shleep Sanctuary’. A science-backed experience where guests can count real-life sheep before drifting off under the stars. Baa-rilliant!

Check out our case study for more information about this stunt.

4. Toney’s Chocolonely x Glasto

Oxfam, Toney’s Chocolonely and Glastonbury Festival all joined forces for a brilliant Willy Wonka inspired campaign that saw 5 lucky winnes each get their hands on a pair of Glastonbury tickets!

The ‘golden’ tickets were hidden in the bars and these bars could be purchased online or in an Oxfam store. All of the profits from this campaign went towards Oxfam’s amazing charity work.

5. Jacquemus: Bags on Wheels


Giant Bambino bags heading to the Opéra Garnier #Jacquemus

♬ son original – Jacquemus – Jacquemus

CGI PR Stunts is a trend that really caught fire in 2023 and our favourite example of it this year was Jacquemus’ absolutely bonkers content campaign where giant versions of their bags could be seen skkrrr-ing around the streets of Paris!

The content went viral online and the CGI production was so good it had a lot of people questioning if it was real and how such a thing could even be possible!

6. Netflix: Sex Education | Season 4


tranqui la caminata de hoy @Netflix Latinoamérica

♬ original sound – trinifmadero

Without a doubt the raunchiest example from our top 10 stunts of 2023, Netflix promoted the launch of Sex Education’s 4th season with a brilliant piece of street marketing, consisting of a little old banger rocking up and down making it look as if… well, we’re sure you can probably work it out.

This was partnered by a few other creative executions across the same campaign in Argentina, but this one was our favourite of the bunch as it really brought the show to life in a simple and fun way.

7. AirBnb x Barbie: Malibu Dreamhouse

To promote the launch of the new ‘BARBIE’ movie, AirBnB offered fans the chance to book Ken’s room for a stay at Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse. The house is everything you would expect and more… spectacularly pink, ludicrously lavish and a once in a lifetime experience for a select few lucky people.

Guests had the chance to enjoy the infinity pool, rummage through Barbie and Ken’s wardrobes and even put their dancing shoes on and boogie on the disco dance floor!

We loved this one even more, as our good friends at Hope & Glory PR were the masterminds behind it!

8. FIFA 23 x Apple: Ted Lasso

Apple teamed up with EA Sports for one of the biggest promotional partnerships of the year; ‘FIFA 23 x Ted Lasso’ to launch the new series on Apple TV.

For those who haven’t seen or heard of it, Ted Lasso is a comedy show about an American college football coach who is hired to coach an English ‘soccer’ team AFC Richmond. In order to target their key audience, they joined forces with the biggest football game in the world to have both Ted and the AFC Richmond players feature in the game for over 10 million people to play with!

9. Gregg’s Bake Odyssey

To promote the seasonal return of their famous and highly popular Festive Bake, Gregg’s launched ‘Bake Odyssey’. The state-of-the-art drone show enabled Gregg’s to produce a really entertaining content piece that hilariously juxtaposes the high-tech nature of choreographed drone piloting and scientists in lab coats with a simple puff-pastry snack. However, whilst it does make you chuckle, the production of this stunt was exceptionally well-executed. That’s why it’s in our top 10 this year!

10. Who Gives a Crap: Flush Your Ex

Who Gives A Crap, Australian toilet paper subscription service, are in with a shout for the funniest PR stunt of 2023 as they offered to recycle old love letters from ex partners into toilet paper!

This was a hilarious way of driving conversation and brand awareness during a key date in people’s calendars.

What’s in Store for 2024?

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year filled with brilliantly executed PR stunts that have set new standards for creativity and innovation. These examples demonstrate the power of strategic communication and the ability of brands to captivate and engage with audiences on a global scale. 

As we move forward, into 2024, we’re excited to see and produce even more groundbreaking PR stunts that challenge brands to push their boundaries even further and leave a lasting impression on the world. If you’re looking to activate a PR stunt of your own in the new year, you can reach out to us via our contact form. Or, call us on 01273 749 000. We’d LOVE to talk through your ideas and help you bring them to life.