PR Stunts in Paradise: Our Top 5 Stunt Locations

Published on 14 January 2022

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With winter blues in full swing and strict travel restrictions in place, we thought to bring a little slice of paradise to you through a list of our favourite PR stunts, installations and brand activations that have been executed in the most breath-taking of locations.

This list has 5 examples of dream worthy brand activations in locations you’d much rather be, right now…

Corona: Natural Bar

Corona celebrated the launch of their new, 100% natural beer recipe by creating a bar that was also completely made from natural materials!

The bar was built into the white, sandy beaches of St. Ive’s, Cornwall. A spot down in the bottom corner of the UK that could easily be mistaken for the Mediterranean or even the Caribbean!

The only materials used were sand, clay, cob and bamboo, but the design and finish on the build was not only stunning in its own right, but also seemed to look as if the bar was a natural occurrence.

Once installed, the bar ran for 5 live days and there was an online booking system for locals and tourists alike to reserve their spot to enjoy the experience in the stunning sunshine and seaside surroundings with friends and family.

Bottega Veneta: Underwater Billboard

If there was an award for ‘Swankiest Special-Build Billboard’ out there for anyone to win, luxury, Italian fashion house, Bottega Veneta would certainly fancy their chances on getting their hands on the prize.

Bottega’s takeover of the legendary Bondi Icebergs swimming pool played the canvas and frame to a huge, underwater billboard with an underwear advertisement on it. The concept and execution in itself is astonishing, but the drone shot from above with the dark, stormy waters crashing against the rocky coastline really a clear example the fashion industry’s eye for aesthetic detail when it comes to brand activations.

37.5: Cliffside Shop

We’re confident that this installation, from extreme sports brand 37.5, holds the unofficial record for the most remote pop-up shop of all time!

Installed onto the side of a cliff, approx. 160m above the ground, the journey to the appropriately named Cliffside Shop was not for the faint hearted. Climbers were able to scale the cliff and collect themselves some much needed climbing gear from 37.5 Technology, who boast some of the most advanced products in the X Sports industry.

Not only is this a great way to show off how good their products are. The endless views and unbelievable sunsets made for some powerful content that would’ve played a big part in this activation going viral!

Prada: Double Club

This neon, pop-up club was a project in partnership with, German artist, Carsten Höller. The ‘Double Club’ in Miami was inspired by the paradise it resided in. Prada and Höller put a strong focus towards the Cuban influence in Miami and created an authentic space of strong cultural expression.

The stunning use of vibrantly coloured neon lights in contrast to the natural setting of one tropical, Miami beach is what makes this Prada brand activation so paradisical.

Check out the embedded video below for some words from the producer, Carsten, about his fantastic Prada Double Club installation

Paddy Power: #SaveTheRainforest

In recent years, humanity’s fight to protect the paradise that we live on – Planet Earth – has grown stronger. It’s no secret, the damage we have caused to the rainforests in particular.

Despite the genuine deforestation crisis, Paddy Power (who have never been afraid to ruffle a few feathers) came up with a content campaign that only they could get away with. They posted a picture on their official twitter account, ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, showing their support to the England team by way of carving the message “C’mon England” into the Amazon rainforest.

There was a lot of uproar and confusion initially, with people not sure what to make of the images they’d seen and praying that it was fake. Regardless of what was being said, everyone was talking about it…

Here, at Sketch, impossible isn’t in our vernacular. We have vast experience installing brand activations in the most remote and beautiful parts of the world and would love to help you bring your PR stunt in paradise to life!

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