Top 5 Special Build OOH Billboards of 2022

Published on 17 October 2022

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Top 5 Special Build OOH Billboards of 2022

Special build OOH billboards have always been an office favourite of ours, here at Sketch HQ. What we love about them is their ability to engage consumers, connecting them to the storyline of the brand message all whilst being an effective tool to drive reach and talkability through press outlets, social channels and word-of-mouth.

2022 has already been a great year for special build billboards. We’ve seen some hugely imaginative and innovative special-builds during the first half of this year, so let’s condense those down to a selection of the 5 best 3D billboards of 2022…

Corona Natural Billboard

To kick things off, we’re showing you the Corona ‘Natural Billboard’, an installation celebrating Corona’s commitment to the earth, using only natural ingredients in their beer.

The Corona Natural Billboard is the first of its kind, harnessing light from the sun in order to produce an artwork on the billboard, created by shadows. 

The board itself was towering at 6m in height and we installed it on Brighton’s iconic seafront promenade, less than a stone’s throw from the beach! The spot is famous for its unparalleled views of the sunset, making it the perfect activation location for this groundbreaking project.

Corona's Natural Billboard

Adidas Liquid Billboard

Next on the list is Adidas’ powerful Liquid Billboard campaign…

Based on the insight that 32% of women feel uncomfortable swimming in public (with this being almost 3 times more in the Middle East) The purpose of the ‘Liquid Billboard’ campaign was to inspire women across the globe, regardless of race, ability, size or class to enjoy their swimming!

Adidas' 3D liquid billboard

Little Moons Billboard from Another World

Now, let us show you Little Moons’ Billboard from Another World! 

​​Little Moons wanted to spread joy amongst Londoners, by giving out free ice cream and exclusive brand merch to passers-by, because… why not?!

The ‘Billboard from Another World’ had a life of its own and 6 arms (all with their own joyful personalities). Installed in Whitfield Gardens, London hundreds of Little Moons megafans and passers-by alike crowded and queued for the chance to get their hand on some free ice cream and limited edition merchandise that could be won through playing games with the board’s hands.

Little Moons' billboard from another world

Specsavers’ Dodgy Install

This one made us laugh – Specsavers are back again with another rib tickling special build OOH billboard installation. This time, in Camden…

In keeping with their classic “should’ve gone to Specsavers” strapline, they’ve purposely executed a ‘dodgy install’ for their billboard poster, with the ladder having been stuck underneath their artwork!

Specsavers dodgy 3D billboard installation

Kind: Pickable Billboard

The final contender on our top 5 list is the Kind Bar Billboard.

We produced and installed this special build OOH billboard for Kind Bars who set about giving the people of London a chance to “grab a handful of goodness”.

Arguably the most nutritional billboard of all time! KIND’s Pickable Billboard was dressed with living foliage and real, edible snacks. Passers-by could grab themselves a piece of fruit and/or a KIND bar right off of the board and take it away with them to enjoy as they headed to their destination.

Kind's pickable, 3D billboard installation

As you can see here, when you combine a great idea with quality of execution, the end product speaks for itself. If you’re thinking about bringing your brand message to life through a special build OOH advertising campaign, we have the experience, creativity and ability to help. To view more special build billboard campaigns that we’ve produced, you can head to our 3D OOH advertising page. Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss your exciting new project, you can do so via our contact page.

We hope you enjoyed our shortlist of the top 5 special build billboards of 2022. Were there any you think we missed that should’ve made the cut? Connect with us on socials and join the conversation (social links). If you’re hungry for more 3D billboard executions, check out our other article on OOH billboards.