What we did

  • Location Sourcing
  • Set Build and Development
  • Install & Logistics
  • Production Drawings & Visuals
  • Food Artist Collaboration

KIND: Pickable Billboard

KIND bars set about giving the people of London a chance to “grab a handful of goodness” through this pickable billboard activation

In Detail

Arguably the most nutritional billboard of all time! KIND’s Pickable Billboard was a 4.5m x 3m special-build OOH advertisement that was dressed with living foliage and real, edible snacks with high nutritional value. Passers-by could grab themselves a piece of fruit and/or a KIND bar right off of the board and take it away with them to enjoy as they headed to their destination.

The activation took place at King’s Cross station, one of London’s busiest and most iconic transport hubs. Thousands of commuters and tourists alike saw the billboard on their way out of the station and were encouraged, by KIND ambassadors to “grab a handful of goodness” from the billboard. We even produced a giant, 3D KIND bar that was placed onto the structure!

After the event had taken place, all leftover food was donated to The Felix Project – a charitable organisation dedicated to fighting hunger and food waste.