What we did

  • Research & Development
  • Specialist Eco-Build
  • Install & Logistics
  • Location Sourcing
  • Event Staffing & Management
  • Content Capture

Corona: Natural Billboard

Corona are continuing the celebration of their beer recipe, that’s brewed from only natural ingredients, with a billboard that naturally harnesses the sun’s rays…

In Brief

We were approach by Wieden + Kennedey (US) to execute this brief, which had been previously considered impossible! They wanted to capture and signify the power that nature has to create the most amazing things and showcase Corona’s strong connection to the natural world in an eye-catching content piece for their social channels.

In Detail

The Corona Natural Billboard is the first of its kind, harnessing light from the sun in order to produce an artwork on the billboard, created by shadows.

The board itself was towering at 6m in height and we installed it on Brighton’s iconic seafront promenade, less than a stone’s throw from the beach! The spot is famous for its unparalleled views of the sunset, making it the perfect activation location for this groundbreaking project. We liaised with the local council to arrange all necessary permits, licenses, approvals and contracts for the installation and event.

In-depth mathematical and geographical research was required in order to achieve the final result, with little-to-no margin for error with our calculations, nor the execution of the installation. In order for the shadow to perfectly align, at golden hour, we had to predict the positioning of the sun and calculate a corresponding angle for the billboard placement. This had to be correctly implemented during install within the margin of a single degree, in order to function as designed.

The board was installed and live for a period of 12 days and, during that time, played host to pop-up bar activations whereby Brighton locals could pop down to enjoy the sunshine and beach with a free Corona. We even booked The Wave Machine, local Brighton musician, surfer and ocean activist to perform a selection of his songs, powered by a solar-charged generator. We designed a built a bar made from repurposed, wooden pallets and served both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic Corona beers from it.