OOH, Special-Build Billboards

Published on 15 November 2019

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As trends and technologies develop, out-of-home special build campaigns are becoming more impressive and impactful. Special builds capture attention, engage emotions and drive positive response – leaving the audience no option but to recognise and remember your brand message. OOH advertising utilizes location to add another layer to the campaign, and target audiences more so than any other form of advertising. We have collated a handful of our favourites, alongside a couple of our own creations!

Bridge Jump for Smart BRABUS

The power and speed of the new smart BRABUS was visually communicated via a spectacular and well-placed OOH billboard. The two-part board was installed in the centre of Rotterdam’s counter-balance bridge, which when opened, made the car appear as if it was flying over the water.

McCain Bus Shelter

McCain’s ‘Ready Baked Jackets’ campaign is a prime example of an ad utilizing its location. The fiberglass prop heats up and provides much needed warmth to those waiting in the bus shelter, whilst releasing the scent of a buttered baked potato! The interactive elements don’t end there, with an electronic coupon dispenser offering discount on McCain products.

nhow London ‘Giant Chameleon’

We concepted, designed and executed a ‘world-first’ OOH 3D special-build for nhow Hotels who were launching a brand-new hotel in Shoreditch. We attached a giant, 8m long Chameleon onto the side of the Truman Brewery to celebrate nhow’s arrival to London. Nothing has ever been fixed to the side of the, grade 2 listed, tower and it really had the passers-by, on Brick Lane, captivated!

O2 ‘Oops’ Billboard

O2 have cleverly skewed a standard billboard to appear fallen and smashed to advertise their free screen replacement service. The surrounding fencing and cones add a bit of drama and attract additional attention by disrupting the standard.

Edible Billboard for By CHLOE

Sketch Events helped vegan street-food chain ‘By CHLOE’ launch their Oxford Circus branch with an edible billboard, made from 500 fresh vegetables! Passers-by were able to take a piece of veg from the billboard and trade it in for a free guac burger at the new restaurant. The display was gone within just 2 hours with queues spanning around the block! All food products used were donated to food banks following the event.

Star Wars Disneyland

Disneyland installed this two-piece, 3-dimensional billboard with a lightsabre piercing through both boards in an emphatic manner. The surface appears to melt and smoulder where it is in contact with the lightsabre making for some very realistic visual effects. This special build was to promote the new ‘Star Wars Awakens’ attraction at Disneyland California.

Wave of Waste for Corona

We worked with Wieden & Kennedy, Corona’s global advertising agency, to design, build and install a 20 metre wave made from plastic waste for World Oceans Day. The installation highlighted the average amount of marine plastic pollution found on every two miles of beach in the UK. The activation received global coverage, achieving a reach of over 1.6 billion!

Eat Mor Chikin Cowz

Chick-Fil-A used OOH, special-build advertising in a playful way to grab people’s attention. This one of their many examples depicts a scene of two cows, mischievously vandalising the billboard with buckets of paint and brushes to portray a message for all passers-by… to ‘eat mor chikin’ – the comedic nature paired with the 3D nature of the design made this billboard campaign go viral. The cows even got their own twitter account (@eatmorchikincowz) which is currently sitting at 34.7k followers!