What we did

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  • Set Build and Development
  • Install & Logistics
  • Event Staffing & Management
  • Production Drawings & Visuals

Little Moons: Billboard from Another World

Little Moons wanted to spread joy amongst Londoners, by giving out free ice cream and exclusive brand merch to passers-by, because… why not?!

In Brief

Lucky Generals came to us with to bring their idea of the living, breathing ‘Billboard from Another World’ to life, for Little Moons. So we designed, produced and installed this unique, special-build OOH billboard at Whitfield Gardens on Tottenham Court road… it was a beautiful day, perfect for free ice cream!

In Detail

The ‘Billboard from Another World’ was a 6m x 3m special-build structure that we built to house 6x dancers, plenty of merchandise and a frozen storage unit (to keep those precious little mochi balls cold). We even colour matched the paint finish to the attached building…

To breathe life into this installation we choreographed a series of synchronised routines that our hands could perform, in unison, that not only showcased the product in a dynamic manner, but also gave the impression that the arms really were all connected together by the billboard’s ‘brain’! We even prepared a number of fun interactions for passers-by to partake in – including games like rock-paper-scissors, thumb wars, whack-a-mole (but with hands) and many more!

In order for our ‘hands’ to be able to engage with passers-by on the other side of the billboard, whilst still maintaining the theatre of the board being alive, we devised a mechanic that utilised one-way vision film to sit around the perimeter of the porthole. This enabled our dancers to see out, without being seen – adding to the magic of the experience.

The public reaction to the activation was incredible, with seemingly endless queues from morning ’til evening, everybody wanted their chance to meet and greet the ‘Billboard from Another World’!

Media Coverage

The ‘Billboard from Another World’ was a sensation on TikTok, having (currently) reached a grand total of almost 1.6m views!

This stunt featured on The Drum, Timeout, Campaign, The London Post and many more!

More press and social reach stats to follow soon… 👀