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October 29, 2013 - 5 minutes read

It’s that time of year again where fake blood sells by the bucket loads, fancy dress shops are full to the brim, and you can’t got into Homebase without coming face to face with a devil and creepy jester! We’re very excited about this time of year though so take a look at some of the most scary from PR stunts to ghouls taking over the tube that will make your skin crawl.



Customers at S’Nice Coffee shop in the west village, NY, were scared out of their skin when they witnessed an altercation between 2 customers, which resulted in a young woman appearing to have supernatural powers, sending a man flying up a wall, tables parting to her screams and books flying about the coffee shop.


Reactions of the horrified coffee goers were caught on camera in what turned out to be a spectacular stunt from the studio behind the new ‘Carrie’ remake. We love the little touch of the camera ‘shaking’ to the onlookers reactions. A great example of literally bringing to life a film although we’re not too sure how they got away without giving anyone a heart attack! 

On the same side of the pond, has ingenuously invited potential guests to spend a night in one of their horror hotels. Indeed, the online accommodation giant’s latest marketing campaign allows visitors to its site to filter for a ghostly getaway to one of their many hotels throughout the Halloween period.



With the tagline “stay if you dare” and an accompanying video reminiscent of a scene from a horror film, this campaign is also supported by posters in the style of the cinematic horror genre. With hotels featuring as characters in their own right in iconic films such as ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Shining’ has created a unique marketing strategy that features their hotels as horror hideaways, tempting only the fearless.



We like the idea of staying in a haunted hotel but not too sure if we could make the night for fear of a repeat of 1408.



With the release of Walking Dead season 4,  Warm Bodies and World War Z,  this year and a million other zombie films it’s one of those questions that we think a surprising amount of people have already asked themselves; “What would I do in a Zombie apocalypse”? So now HyundiUSA have jumped on the Halloween bandwagon (or make that car wagon) as sponsors of hit show ‘Walking Dead’,  giving fans the chance to win their very own , zombie proof, “apocalypse ready”2014 Hyundi Tuscan vehicle in their cleverly entitled “Survive and Drive” sweepstake. If that’s not enough fans can customise they own Hyundi complete with a horde plough, morning stars and razor wire. What we want to know is how would it fair up to the Bat ‘tumbler’




Morphsuits created a campaign that essentially revolved around scaring the bejesus out of ones friends. Clowns, zombies, zombie pirates, surgeons, monsters and other horrifying Halloween characters terrified tube goers as they rampaged the Victoria line.


fright mob morphsuits


To further the campaign, up until the 31st people can nominate their friends via Twitter to be frightened by this monstrous mob using #FrightMobMyMate. A video of an unfortunate nominee (Stephen Lawton)has been released documented his ghouly gym experience after a friend nominated him for ditching their plans in favour of the gym. Morphsuits utilised their time and just so happened to scare a few other gym goers whilst they were there…


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