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January 12, 2017 - 5 minutes read

Here at Sketch everyday is different, the scope of briefs we receive is so vast we can never predict what you will be working on next.   We love this way of working and  seeing where each brief will take us.Some of our favourite briefs are for Pop-ups.  This is because they can be so  can be so creative, clever and can also a very cost effective method of getting your brand out there.

Pop-ups are especially key for online stores or brands as they give a face-to-face experience to your customers and fans which is priceless.  Here are a few pop-ups that we love, we hope they inspire you as much as they do us!

Deliveroo Garden


This is a project we worked on last summer and thoroughly enjoyed!





The Deliveroo Garden was a summer themed secret garden pop-up event in Hoxton Square which encouraged Londoners to get away from their desks and have an urban picnic.  The secret garden would act as a picturesque space where city dwellers could escape the concrete jungle and enjoy their Deliveroo food deliveries.

Deliveroo Hoxton

Guests could order food from a huge variety of nearby restaurants and have it delivered straight to the garden.  Each evening saw a guest DJ and popular drinks partners providing drinks.  Guests were also encouraged to upload pictures of themselves at the event with the hashtag #DeliverooGarden and were gifted a print of their image for their efforts.



The Deliveroo Garden was visited by 1000 guests over the 3 days.



Oasis – Besse The Bus


Oasis created Bessie the Bus a few years back now and it was fabulous.  The bus visited Brighton during the famous Brighton Festival and we hopped on board to have a peek.

The bus was designed to act as a bridge between the physical and digital store and allowed Oasis to have a presence at regional events and also areas where they didn’t have stores.  It stocked an edited selection of the Oasis range.

Bessie had an impressive full ombre pink wrap on its exterior which was designed to look like a house.  The interior was equally impressive and came complete with a vintage 1950’s style kitchen setting adorned with pastel bags & accessories.

Here in the kitchen you could also put together a cute little bag of pastel coloured pick & mix which floated our boat immensely.  I literally cant resist pick & mix.


Pantone Cafe

The Pantone Cafe has been running in Monaco for the last 2 summers.  This clever little pop-up enables the worlds most well-known colour company to creatively step out of their regular business model and get face to face interactions.

The Pantone Cafe sells a minimal menu of pastries, lunch options, coffees and fresh juices, all of which are branded simply with Pantone colour swatches.

The pop-up was designed to create a buzz on social media which of course it did, in particular on Instagram.

Fendi Flower Shop

Fendi created a compact mobile flower shop with botanical designer Azuma Makoto.

The artist adorned a three-wheeled Italian vehicle with an intricate & pretty floral display.  The interior of the truck was left as an open store front where the driver could sell limited edition Fendi bags and vases of Makoto’s floral arrangements.

The van and its driver traveled around various cities in the stylish & eye-catching van promoting the fashion labels SS16 collection.

So there you have it, a colourful run down of a few of our favourite pop-ups.  All quite different in their style but they all have something in common – they are stepping out of the box & using colour and creativity to get out there and meet their customers & fans face to face.

Which, in this internet and social media heavy world, can only be a good thing, right?

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