Sketch’s Top Halloween PR Stunts & Pranks

October 17, 2016 - 3 minutes read

October, our favourite month, is here and as you all know we love nothing more than a good PR Stunt or prank.  Halloween is a time when people and brands up their trick or treating game massively to stand out from the crowd.  So with this in mind we thought we would round up a few of our favourite Halloween PR Stunts and Pranks that successfully scare, disrupt and also delight.


Spider Dog


First up is one of our all-time favourite pranks from chief prankster, SA Wardega.  This stunt is so simple yet so effective, which is always a winning formula when it comes to successful PR stunts & pranks.  It features dark, eerie urban locations, a little dog dressed in a hairy tarantula outfit, a few spiderweb type props and unsuspecting visitors.  What’s not to love?



BMW Night Vision


BWM released a funny prank post on their social channels promoting their scarily good  Night Vision package.  The technology claims to use thermal imaging to identify people, larger animals & witches in the dark.  Good, clean Halloween fun!


BMW Night Vision



Airbnb Paris Catacombs


Airbnb offered a unique, off-the-wall experience over the Halloween period as a fun PR stunt.  The holiday rental website offered fans the chance to spend the night in the worlds largest grave – Paris Catacombs which is home to no less than six million souls.  Not creepy at all 🙂

The house rules included ‘no tricks, but plenty of of treats’ and ‘no bobbing for apples in the Catacomb pools’


This would have made for a very one-off experience indeed!











Fishmonger Shark Attack Sharknado 2


This shark-inspired prank was a Sketch project from a few years back. Even though this prank wasn’t strictly for Halloween it still makes us jump watching it and it could translate so well as a Halloween style trick or treat PR stunt or prank.


Sketch designed the animatronic shark so that it was realistic enough to trick shoppers into thinking it was simply a display fish but was still in keeping with the B Movies classic feel.  The poor unsuspecting shoppers sure did get a fright when the shark leapt into action!




We don’t know about you but we are very much looking forward to seeing what creative PR Stunts and pranks come along this year.


Not long to wait now!

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