Creating Pop-Up Brand Experiences

June 20, 2016 - 5 minutes read

Pop-up brand experiences have been at the forefront of Sketch’s mind lately.  We regularly are called upon by brands to produce emotive experiences that drive clear brand messages home to their consumers.


For us pop-ups are all about creating an immersive experience & inviting consumers to join us in a physical space to enjoy that experience. Brands are able to convey their personality and tell stories by surrounding their pop-ups in brand messaging and what they represent.


Sketch love nothing more than designing and creating pop-up spaces then seeing consumers enjoying them….there is no better feeling!

Below are a few of our favourite pop-ups we have worked on recently….


Deliveroo Garden


The Deliveroo Garden was a summer themed secret garden pop up event in Hoxton Square which encouraged Londoners to get away from their desks and have an urban picnic.  The Deliveroo Garden acted as a picturesque space where city dwellers could escape the concrete jungle and enjoy their Deliveroo food deliveries.


Sketch designed and constructed the secret Deliveroo Garden with urban picnic in mind.  A relaxing haven in which to enjoy Deliveroo take away food in was created.


Deliveroo Hoxton



Guests were able to order food from a huge variety of nearby restaurants and have it delivered straight to the garden.  Visitors were also entertained by a guest DJ each evening and popular drinks partners provided drinks at reduced prices.  The Deliveroo Garden was visited by 1000 guests over the 3 days.


CkfdqH7XIAAgVJtCkc1TY_WgAA4casTo celebrate the start of the summer, Deliveroo has launched a 3-day pop-up event in Hoxton Square. With new research revealing that 25% of outdoor diners have been hit by a stray football whilst trying to relax in the park, The Deliveroo Garden offers busy Londoners an inner-city retreat where they can relax and also order from their favourite nearby restaurants.  The Deliveroo Garden is open from 11am-9.30pm 8th-10th June.



Sky Kids Cafe


IMG_1626 (2)


The Sky Kids Cafe was a 4 day event, including a celebrity launch, to introduce the new Sky Kids App to children and their families during the week of summer half term.


Sketch were tasked with designing & creating the The Sky Kids Cafe at the Vinyl Factory.  We created the Sky Kids Cafe in its entirety including the reception area, cafe and the 3 cartoon themed rooms.


The 3 cartoon worlds including Scooby DooBen & Holly and SpongeBob SquarePants. Each area was specially designed  and created complete with familiar houses, scenery  and characters. Sketch worked with a child’s play expert to create tailor-made play experiences in each world.


B&H visual v3


spongeBob v3


Key features of the 3 worlds included SpongeBobs pineapple house, Sandy’s dome, kinetic sand pits. Scooby Doo’s haunted mansion came with secret tunnels and photo area with the Ben & Holly world featuring a bandstand with a Gaston ladybird track around its perimeter with various crafting stations.


The Sky Kids Cafe Celebrity Launch Party


The cafe featured a menu designed by Lisa Faulkner, children could choose from Scooby Doo, Ben & Holly or Spongebob SquarePants menus.  Sketch’s kitchen team covered 300 consumers per day.




Over the 4 days the event saw over 1000 consumers through the doors.


Corona Extra ‘Always Summer’


Corona Extra Summer


We were briefed to create an experiential event to both instill brand advocacy around the Christmas period and fuel press interest during a usually quiet season for the Corona Extra in the UK.  The project revolved around their ‘Always Summer’ value of the brand.


In response to this brief Sketch designed & created a pop up bar housed in an 11m geodisic dome on London’s Southbank.  The summer beer garden was inspired by luxury holiday destinations from around the world.


The space was filled with real grass, tall palms and lime trees and infused with the scent of fresh lime to create a full sensory experience.  The fully branded bar was manned with highly trained brand ambassadors sampling ice cold Corona over a 3 day period just before Christmas.


Corona Always summer south bank



We see the popularity of pop-ups only increasing in the world of experiential events.  They are key in giving brands face to face time with their consumers allowing them communicate their message first hand which is priceless.





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