Sketch Loves: An April Fools Round-Up

April 5, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Giggle mischievously or roll your eyes… but the 1st of April is just a bit of fun – at someone else’s expense, if you’re doing it properly. To keep the spirit of pranking alive, and make it last that little bit longer, we’ve whittled down some of our favourite April Fools this year. Currently winning on The Guardian’s online poll of the best prank this year, is The Metro’s creative effort of producing a list of fictional pranks that other brand’s had supposedly done, but in fact hadn’t – clever. One of our favourite that the aforementioned paper had made up, was the ‘Tesco’s Value 3D Printer’ that allows users to print their favourite food products at home. Well whilst we’re all laughing now, who will have the last laugh in year 2050 when everyone has one in their kitchen?!



Tesco Value 3D PrinterBoden Man-Skirt


Also, a nice touch from Boden who managed to seamlessly add the ‘Marlyebone Man-Skirt’ to their collection.


But what about actual real-life pranks? Real people looking silly, that all we care about. Well praise be to YouTube (obviously), who could more that satisfy our need. As a starting point, Household Hacker offers inspiration for some ‘Quick and EVIL April Fool’s Pranks’ – don’t forget to make notes for next year.



And THIS is what we’re talking about – confusing LOADS of people by getting 2,000 volunteers to walk around Times Square BACKWARDS. Oh wait….

And thanks to one of our Twitter followers for letting us in on Firebox’s prank; allowing users to buy a £250,000 steel-and-carbon Ironman Suit for one day only. Pretty good value when you think of what the kit would actually entail!

If we’ve missed any particularly embarrassing/funny/painful pranks then tweet us please. On this occasion, it really is the more the merrier!



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