Create and design a billboard to mark the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 to O2 and to bring the Galaxy to London skies.


Prop design & build

Location sourcing

Onsite logistics

Integrate STARPATH bioluminescence technology

Permits & licenses


Sketch were thrilled to work with Hope and Glory  PR to  bring the Galaxy to London skies to promote the new Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to O2.

Sketch designed & created a 8m x 5 metre billboard installation which was erected in Clapham Common.  The impressive prop treated passers by to a luminescent billboard depicting an artists impression of the Milkyway galaxy.  

The PR stunt was designed to drive passers-by to visit where they found an interactive game giving the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 on O2. To win, visitors explored an entirely immersive 360 degree vista of the Milky Way galaxy, searching for famous stars and hidden content.

The giant screen was a blank canvas by day, transforming into the Milky Way at night, lighting up the London skies.

The installation was the World’s first UV-powered, virtual ‘galaxy’ installation.  We used STARPATH bioluminescence technology  – a liquid combining UV crystals and Photo-luminescent materials to create a night time glow.  O2 was the first brand to work with STARPATH technology.

The stunt gained huge national press coverage that was managed by Hope & Glory.

We love exploring new ways of using technology to deliver unique experiences for our customers. STARPATH is a cutting edge technology that justly showcases Samsung’s fantastic flagship phone. We were inspired by the eco-friendly use of bioluminescent materials to amaze passers-by and invite them to find out more about a different kind of Galaxy.

Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director