Do It For The Gram

Published on 5 November 2019

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“Instagrammable: A picture that is worthy of posting on Instagram.”

Instagram is the most rapidly growing social media platform, with over 1 billion active users every month. Its visually appealing nature, combined with a high number of daily users, has led to it becoming a valuable marketing tool. We’ve accumulated the key features to throw an ‘Instagrammable’ event and explained why we think they’re so effective.

The ‘Neon’

Neon is everywhere at the moment. It’s an easy (although expensive) way to add a touch of fun and brand recognition to a blank wall. A funny quote or clever hashtag always goes down a treat. Our friends at By CHLOE have cottoned on to this trend and employed a series of on-brand food related puns across their already instagrammable interiors.

A great example of neon use from ‘by CHLOE’

The Bathroom Selfie

It’s no secret that the ladies’ bathrooms act as a social headquarters of sorts, and it’s because of this that they’ve now become hot spot for selfies. Establishments are purposely designing their bathroom interiors with Instagram front of mind to ensure guests can capture a quality #BathroomSelfie. It goes without saying, Sketch’s futuristic pod loos are the most iconic on Instagram, and undoubtedly drive people to visit to snap a pic. Other contenders include Annabel’s, Tonight Josephine… So next time you’re planning an event, make sure the loos are adequality dressed too!

Kylie Jenner in the infamous Sketch ‘pod’ toilets (not to be confused with us, Sketch Events… our toilets are much cooler 🤥)

The Mirror

Build a cool mirror and the selfies will follow, so why not harness the popularity and use a simple vinyl to spread your hashtag? Applying a vinyl to a mirror is a simple and low-cost method of spreading brand awareness. Although, if your logo isn’t particularly ‘cool’ or ‘instagrammable’, try pairing it with a witty pun or slogan to encourage participation.

The Backdrop

Flower walls have been inescapable since Kimye’s wedding and gone are the days when a step-and-repeat board was solely for celebs. Conjuring up the most imaginative and insta-worthy backdrop is guaranteed to get people snapping at your event.

We have been putting our own spin on the above at our events – check out our origami wall below… (and some other creative backdrops that we liked)

The Hashtag

An associated hashtag will produce a curated feed with photos from the event. Not only is this great from a brands perspective, as it assists the tracking of an events success, but it also allows potential visitors to get a taste of the event beforehand which could sway them into paying a visit!

The best ways to spread your hashtag is to incorporate it in all photo opportunities. The hashtag needs to be cool and catchy, not cringey or corporate. People should want to share it.

The Swing

Swings are an engaging, fun and insta-worthy way to encourage social sharing. They’re best paired with a gif booth, to capture the motion. Designing the prop to match your brand is particularly effective as it will be unlike any other. Unique props mean unique content – which drives sharing as everyone wants to stand out from the crowd.

The Giant Prop

It’s scientifically proven that it’s physically impossible not to snap a photo with a giant prop! (source: n/a)

Creating a giant replica of a product is a fun way of maximising exposure by offering the public the opportunity. Of course, the prop must be aesthetically pleasing or interesting to encourage sharing. Although if neither of those, humorous builds also go down a treat. 

Check out some of the fantastical giant-prop builds we’ve done in the past;

The Vending Machine

A branded vending machine is an innovative method of sampling and is being utilised by big brands such as Nike, Chanel and Tiffany’s. Consumers are likely to post about their involvement as it’s a unique and rewarding social experience. Not only do the machines organically create sharable content, they can also be activated by social shares on platforms of your choice – to drive engagement and increase following.

The Exterior

Harnessing the venue exterior by plastering a colourful design is will not only attract attention to your event, but also act as an additional photo backdrop. Even if instagrammers strike a pose outside without entering the event, the more shares the better! Posts are bound to drum up attention and the geotag feature makes it easy for others to find if they want to attend.

We hope we’ve inspired your next event some insta-worthy ideas for your next event. After all, if it’s not on Instagram, did it even really happen?