Christmas PR Stunts Sketch Love

Published on 3 December 2018

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Ti’s the season for opportunist Christmas PR stunts!

Christmas is the perfect time for brands to organize a good PR stunt to promote themselves.  This year, some brands have started as early as September to get raise their Christmas profile which is pretty eager. There have been some fun campaigns out there so here are a few of our favorites from this jolly season! Enjoy.

Greggs – Logo Flip

Greggs reversed Logo

Free publicity is the best publicity.  Greggs cleverly hijacked Fenwicks Christmas window reveal this year by flipping the signage on their Newcastle branch which faces the popular Fenwicks department store. Over the years, Greggs have been missing a trick.  Their logo has featured in all the Fenwick Christmas window pictures but with a reversed logo.  So this year they decided to do something about it.

By replacing their store-front logo with a backward Greggs sign, the Fenwicks Christmas window delivered the perfect reflection featuring Greggs logo in all its glory!  The simple and hugely effective stunt has received praise from far and wide for its genius.  Well played Greggs!

Target – Game of Thrones Christmas Jumpers

American brand Target has taken the humble Christmas jumper to another level this season!  They have launched a new range of jumpers with a Game of Thrones twist.  With the final series of Game of Thrones coming to our screens next spring, the time is right to start getting people excited.  And what better way to channel your love for the hit TV show than via Christmas Jumper.

Feast your eyes on these… #WinterIsComing


Royal Mail – Singing Post Boxes

Royal Mail Singing Mailboxes 2Royal Mail Singing Mail boxes

Four singing posts boxes have been installed in UK cities during the lead up to Christmas by Royal Mail.  Each of the post boxes is fitted with sensors that will play a Christmas jingle, either sleigh bells or a jolly message from Santa himself when a card is posted inside.

“Delivering Christmas is our absolute priority this December. In the process, we enjoy any way we can add a little extra fun to posting Christmas cards this year” said Simon Baker, operations director at Royal Mail.

Each of the post boxes is decorated with snowflakes and can be found in London, Cardiff, Belfast & Edinburgh during the Christmas period.

Curry’s PC World – Dickens Meets Tech

Curry’s PC World have upped the ante this year with ‘The Magic of Christmas Upgraded’ advert.  The advert sets a classic Victorian Christmas scene but with a techy twist.  Throughout the ad, historical characters interact with high-end tech and gadgets such as drones, smart tvs and Bluetooth headphones making for a very fun take on an ‘upgraded’ Christmas.

Romford – Giant Wrapping Paper Dispenser

Romford WrapThis PR stunt is from last year but we had to throw it in for good measure.  We gave the good people of Romford help with their Christmas wrapping by installing a giant wrapping paper dispenser in the town center.

The PR stunt was devised to promote the re-branding of Romford. The giant paper dispenser housed two miles of Romford-branded Christmas themed wrapping paper which was given away for free.  Shoppers were invited to tear sheets off to take home with them.

This stunt works on all levels mainly because

a) everyone loves a freebie

b) it’s a given that you will run out of wrapping paper with presents left to wrap.  Christmas Winning!

We Ho Ho Ho-pe you enjoyed those 😉