Valentine’s Day with Sketch

Published on 14 February 2019

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Sketch Events have built up a level of notoriety when it comes to pulling off PR stunts and we’ve managed to get involved in some special projects ready for this year’s Valentine’s Day. We’ve worked alongside two restaurant brands (TGI Fridays and By Chloe) to put on some Valentine’s Day PR stunts in central London.

Dealing With The Difficulties of Dinner Dating

When going on a dinner date with a potential partner, unless you’re telepathic, it can be very difficult to read the signals they’re sending out. Whether they’re playing hard-to-get or they’ve got another, more mysterious way of masking their excitement, you’ve got the difficult job of not only being the best version of yourself to ensure that they are interested in you, but also gauging in real-time how the date is actually going. All of a sudden the language of love is starting to sound a little bit more like rocket science!

Sketch Events teamed up with PR agency Three Monkeys Zeno and T.G.I Fridays to take the tricky bit out of the equation with this Valentine’s Day PR stunt, so that you can just focus on being yourself this Valentine’s Day.


An Oh-So Unique Valentine’s Date Idea

The Together Table is a mechanical table designed, built and installed by Sketch in T.G.I Friday’s Leicester Square restaurant, to take the guesswork out of dating so that you’ll know for sure if your date is struck by Cupid’s arrow.

When dining at The Together Table you’ll have the ability to move closer or further away from your date in accordance to how well you think it’s going. This means that, if you’re on a horror date where they’re eating like they were born in a barn and speaking with their mouth full, The Together Table allows you to pull back, away from your date, and get yourself out of the splash radius to avoid any flying food debris. However, should you find yourself dating someone easy to talk to, interesting and (most importantly) table-trained, you can bring your side of the table closer to your date at the touch of a button, for a more intimate vibe. Regardless of whether your date is a good one or a bad one, it most certainly makes for a funny Valentine’s Day story

Check out the media below and see The Together Table in action.

The Together Table is the world’s first fully-automated, distance-controllable table, allowing diners to choose how close they want to be to their companion, by simply pressing a button.

Vegan High Street Food Brand Does Romantic Clean Graffiti

Our second Valentines themed PR project of the year was for a vegan high street food brand called ‘By Chloe’.

Veganism is a clean way of eating for both our bodies and our environment and Valentine’s Day is all about perfect pairings. Putting together the cleanliness of vegan food with the urban nature of By Chloe’s London restaurant location – a clean graffiti campaign seemed like a match made in heaven.

For those who don’t know what clean graffiti is, it’s a form of graffiti art that actually cleans a design onto a surface using a water jet pressure washer rather than vandalising the surface using spray paint. These By Chloe clean graffiti tags with loveable, vegan-themed Valentine’s messages were dotted on the pavements throughout the Covent Garden and Tower Bridge areas for passers-by to notice at their feet as they made their daily commutes through the city of London. Should any vegan or veggie couples be looking for a vegan Valentine’s Day dinner date, it would certainly be a good idea to get yourself over to By Chloe for a bite to eat. You can check out their menu on the By Chloe website and see what scrumptious dishes they have to offer.

Have a look at the By Chloe clean graffiti tags that were installed across London by the Sketch Events team

If you’re interested in our other PR stunts, then have a browse through our ‘What We Do’ page to see more on our previous jobs. If you wish to get in touch about creating a PR Stunt, event or activation of your own then do not hesitate to contact us on 01273 749 000.