Stunt of the week: shark cage simulator!

Published on 25 July 2017

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Caged Fear Publicity Stunt of the Week

This week’s top publicity stunt is one strictly for adrenaline junkies.

Entertainment One has come up with a stunt to promote their new film, 47 Metres Down, the story of two sisters who must battle for survival when their dive cage plummets 47 metres with a dwindling supply of oxygen.

Film publicity includes dive cage simulator

Caged Fear Publicity Stunt of the Week
Photo: Entertainment One

Using a dive cage simulator, it promises to bring to life what it’s like to be trapped at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by sharks. Appropriately enough, it’s called ‘Caged Fear’ and organisers promise that the experience will be full of shocks, jolts and surprises.

New meaning to brand immersion

The visitors will be immersed in film footage viewed through specially modified diving masks, whilst trapped in a rickety cage and dangled over water.

Anyone that makes it through the 4min 7secs ride will win tickets to a special screening of the film or movie merchandise. If it all gets too much, there’s a panic button to bring the stunt to an end.

The one-day activation takes place on 26th July on London’s South Bank to coincide with the release of the film.

We can’t speak for the movie itself, but it’s a unique publicity stunt to build anticipation for the movie before the release and create some social media ‘noise’.