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Tails: Fetch of the Day

The UK’s first beachside food van for dogs, serving tailor-made seaside snacks for pups!

In Brief

Tails UK were looking for an innovative way to showcase their healthy, delicious snacks. Mischief PR approached Sketch to design, produce and install the doggie day out on the beach, complete with a CW Bug wrapped to fit the seaside theme, and steps up to the serving counter so dogs of all sizes could get their treats. It was a perfect day, and not one to miss for anyone with a dog companion to bring along.

In Detail

To showcase Tails’ specially crafted, dog-friendly versions of classic seaside snacks, we vinyl-wrapped a CW Bug to serve the food from, added to with a themed sign propped on top of the van, and complete with fish-y themed décor and bunting hanging from the open windows. To ensure dogs of all sizes could be served, a set of Step, Treat, Eat, Repeat steps were included in this pop-up, placed in front of the van so every pup could get their hands on these gourmet nibbles. For the well-fed pups, deck chairs emblazoned with the Tails logo were set up next to the van and for thirsty dogs, another set of step-like water bowls were made for this event, etched with the phrase ‘Don’t be a hot dog’, and each at a different height to accommodate every dog which might stop off.


All of this was designed and installed by the Sketch team, and after a photo-shoot with some posing puppies, the pop-up was open to the public from 11am to get their freebee goodies and enjoy the colourful set-up.


The public loved this event, with queues of pups and people lined up to find out what was going on, and why there was a dolled-up CW Bug sat on the beach!