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PerfectDraft: Oktoberfest

Unfortunately, in 2021, Oktoberfest was unable to go ahead – due to social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. PerfectDraft wanted to bring Oktoberfest to the smallest, most remote town in Wales, to show that you can have Oktoberfest anywhere using their PerfectDraft machines!

In Brief

PerfectDraft wanted to encourage people around the world that the beers of Oktoberfest can still be enjoyed, wherever you are, even though the official Bavarian tradition had been cancelled. We produced and installed a miniature Oktoberfest in the town of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales for the locals to enjoy.

In Detail

Our unofficial Oktoberfest celebrations took place from morning through ‘til evening and engaged residents with a plethora of iconic Bavarian traditions – from Bratwurst BBQ’s and soft dough pretzels to beer keg lifting competitions (where locals could win themselves some amazing PerfectDraft prizes) and we even organised a procession that circled the whole town… in less than 20 minutes!

The procession was led by a traditional, bespoke-made Oktoberfest beer carriage, carrying the PerfectDraft kegs. This cart was drawn by miniature ponies (to carry the miniature kegs) who were followed by a marching oompah band, Bavarian dancers and traditionally costumed locals and extras.

We completely immersed the town square in the culture of Oktoberfest dressing it top to tail in the iconic blue and white of Bavaria – including; bunting, flags, draping, flower installations, signage, archways, market stalls and more…!

The festivities were kicked off by a traditional keg tapping ceremony, involving the mayor of Llanwrtyd Wells pouring the first PerfectDraft beer of the day. Townsfolk enjoyed games, beers and bespoke-decorated lebkuchen biscuits in the shape and design of dirndls, lederhosen and even PerfectDraft machines!)

Check out the pictures down below to see how we brought a slice of Bavarian magic to Wales’ smallest town…

Media Coverage

So far, this campaign has been featured by The Sun, Mirror, Daily Star, Express, Daily Post, and more!