What we did

  • Prop Design & Build
  • Install & Logistics
  • 3D Rendering
  • Visual Mock-Ups
  • Photography & Filmmaking
  • Historical Researc
  • Location Sourcing
  • COVID Safe Risk Assessments

Netflix: Enola Holmes

In Brief

To celebrate the premiere of their brand new film ‘Enola Holmes’ Netflix commissioned us to build, transport and install 5 sculptures in 5 different locations across the UK. Each of which celebrating the under-looked sisters of historically respected men.

In Detail

On the 23rd of September 2020, Netflix will release a Netflix Original film ‘Enola Holmes’ on their streaming platform. The film tells the story of Enola, sister of ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ Sherlock Holmes, and her own investigative prowess. The idea behind this promotional campaign was to shed light on the equally talented and influential sisters of historically celebrated figures.

We had to carry out extensive research to locate male statues in England that had influential sisters and we diligently sought out for permissions and approvals to install our sculptures in proximity to each of them.

The artwork on each sculpture was designed to reflect the sister’s area of influence. The 5 celebrated sisters were; Mary Hardy – Headmistress and Sister of Thomas Hardy, Princess Helena – founding member of the British Red Cross Foundation and sister of King Edward VII, Maria Anna Mozart – accomplished composer and sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frances Dickens – Royal Academy of Music student and Sister of Charles Dickens.

We produced the 5 sculptures from recyclable polystyrene. They were each installed next to statues of their famous brothers in London, Birmingham, Bath, Portsmouth, Dorchester.

Each sculpture was photographed with same-morning edits produced and turned around and the installation was even filmed using a time-lapse camera.

p.s. all 5 sculptures have since been recycled or re-homed

Media Coverage

So far, this campaign has been featured by The Sun, Metro, Forbes, Independent, PopSugar, and many more!