What we did

National Geographic Clockwork Lion

In Brief

We were approached by Premier PR to work with them on a new project to increase awareness of National Geographic‘s Big Cat Week. The brief was to help come up with a PR stunt that communicated the struggle Big Cats face with populations of wild Big Cat declining at an alarming rate.

In Detail

A giant clockwork lion statue was commissioned and we set to work building the magnificent creature. The three metre high Big Cat took over a month to make, consists of over 500 clock parts and came complete with ticking sound effects. The sound effects help to highlight that time is running out for Africa’s wild lion population.

Once completed, Sketch installed the clockwork lion statue in London’s Trafalgar Square to join the four famous lions also found at the tourist attraction. The clockwork lion was unveiled by Countdown presenter Rachel Riley first thing in the morning and invited members of the public to take photographs of the statue and upload them to social media to spread the word of the lions plight using #BigCatWeek

Following the PR stunt the clockwork lion will be auctioned off to raise money for the Big Cats Initiative.

Media Coverage

Coverage included: Metro, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Huffington Post, Telegraph, Sky Sunrise, PR  Examples, Event Magazine, Event News Bulletin, BT.com, TNT.