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What we did

  • Design and Idea Creation
  • Set Build and Development

Mr Kipling BFG

In Brief

Mr Kipling celebrated the launch of their new ‘exceedingly good cakes’ sponsored Roald Dahl characters with a life-size Big Friendly Giant, made of cake of course!

In Detail

What better way to celebrate the launch of four new Mr Kipling cakes than creating a life-sized BFG from Kipling confectionary?

BFG Sculpture

The BFG was crafted to-scale, which is four times the size of a human. The sculpture was coated head-to-toe in 7,500 Mr Kipling cakes, and took a total of 200 hours to create. The final product weighed in at half a tonne!

Sketch Design and Production

Sketch commissioned a talented sculptor to craft a realistic model of the iconic character, which was then accurately upscaled before talented food artist, Michelle Wibowo, used her magic to create the outstanding final piece.

Public Interaction

The BFG perched on Primrose Hill for a full summer’s day. His beaming smile, greeted everyone from early-morning dogwalkers and families on a day out. The beloved giant held a tray of Mr. Kipling goodies for passers-by to enjoy as they please.

Media Coverage

The stunt gathered a big presence on social media plus 12 pieces of coverage which gained a reach of over 73 million people.