Sensory Soho pop-up provides immersive experience for Fuze Tea. Guests experience brain tingles and mind-gasms as they journey through the world of ASMR.


Design and Idea Creation

Set Build and Development


3 Monkeys Zeno approached Sketch to help Coca-Cola bring the latest trend in relaxation, ASMR, to London. Sketch created an immersive pop-up sensory experience for its Fuse Tea brand.

The ASMR Experience Rooms in Soho gave people the opportunity to relax by experiencing ASMR first hand.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is “a brain reaction to a euphoric experience, resulting in a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine”. It’s the latest trend in relaxation and mindfulness.

The experience was created with leading ASMRtist, Emma Smith (Whispers Red). Emma said, “ASMR is a great way to relax and calm yourself after a busy day. Different people have different triggers. This pop up is a fun way to make the most of your me-time and experience them first-hand, learn how ASMR works and find out what your trigger could be.”

Sketch Events was responsible for the design, build and staffing for the pop-up. The installation included 5 experience rooms and a Fuze Tea ‘taste’ area where guests could sample the tea. The rooms were:

Introduction zone – where guests relaxed on beanbags and listened to the soothing sound of Whispers Red, as she introduced people to ASMR

Sound zone – five pods in this room had different sounds on loop, all based on the most popular ASMR triggers: whispering, hair drying, typing, writing and stroking.

Trigger zone – five stations that created a different sound based on the most popular ASMR triggers: crinkly packets, rice, pencil on paper, water gems and rain sticks

Experience zone – two colourful domes that you stepped into and experienced two touch triggers: a head and shoulder massage, and face brushing

Touch zone – with everything you touch being a trigger, here you had a go at touching the panels and listening close to see if you got any trigger responses.


Extensive coverage in national and local press, key influencers and across social media with a total coverage reach of 29 million