What we did

  • Design and Idea Creation
  • Creative Visuals
  • Event Staffing and Management
  • Set Build and Development
  • Venue Install and Layout
  • Prop Design and Build

Fridge Raiders: Powered by Protein

In Brief

Fridge Raiders wanted a pop-up gym, for New Years resolutioners who’d given up their fitness goals early on, to promote their new ‘powered by protein’ snacks.

In Detail

Fridge Raiders had noticed that approximately 50% of all Brits give up on their fitness related New Year’s resolutions after just one month. Their reasoning for the lack of motivation to continue with their goals was that they weren’t finding exercise fun or that they felt uncomfortable working out in front of others due to their fear of being looked at or judged. PR firm 3 Monkeys | Zeno enlisted Sketch Events to put on the #POWERPLAY pop-up gym, so we created a fun, inspiring, UV-lit exercise space where fitness is fun and judgements are left at the door.

The Sketch team designed a giant blacked-out exercise space with orange UV decals all over the walls (and even the equipment we sourced had a black and UV orange colour scheme), giving the room a bright and exciting glow when the lights were off and the UV cannons were in action. We mocked up some computer-generated images to show the client our vision and then brought the idea to life at the venue.

To match the gym brief, we designed a pop-up changing room for visitors to get changed into their gym gear, prior to their work out. Opposite the changing rooms was a bespoke-built, Fridge Raiders #POWERPLAY step & repeat board for visitors to use for all their social media posts.

Music (selected and controlled by our team) was played throughout the sessions to keep everyone on their toes. The sessions were curated by ourselves and 3 Monkeys Zeno, together with fitness influencer/personal trainer Em Furey who then ran the 5 days of classes together with a few well known celebrities including Jake Quickenden.

The Activities Included…

Dance Mat Boot Camps – A retro, multiplayer dance arcade game merged with a Barry’s Boot Camp style floor workout to blitz your abs.

Sports Day Circuits – Not your average gym circuit. Sports day with a twist!

Gladiator Obstacle Course – A strength and agility based obstacle course with a large gladiator arena finale to test your metal.

All of the activities were designed to make exercising more enjoyable whilst keeping the functional elements of fitness to help the participants get in better shape. Sketch Events sourced and set up all of the equipment for each and every day, keeping in mind the brand colour scheme as well as functionality for the activities that would take place.

Once everybody had completed their sessions, they were invited to take sample packs of the new ‘powered by protein’ range of Fridge Raiders snacks – a fantastic option for fitness-focused individuals to graze on after working out – served by our staff wearing custom branded gym uniforms at the ‘Protein Bar’ in the venue.