What we did

  • Design & Visualisation
  • Bespoke Prop Build
  • Install and Logistics
  • Venue Booking
  • Security System Installation

Every Can Counts: Infinity Room Tour

A mind-bending, reality-altering science centre exhibition, focused on inspiring the next generation to recycle and educating them on the science behind aluminium’s infinite recyclability!

In Brief

We designed and produced this Infinity Room, for Every Can Counts, to represent the infinite life cycle of a drinks can in the future and to inspire the next generation to take the steps towards making today’s can, tomorrow’s can…

In Detail

Made from recyclable wood and a metal frame, the can structure was a whopping 3.2m high and 2.1m wide! The exterior was dressed, from top to bottom, using old, empty drink cans and was sprayed green, with a lid-shaped room (that even had a giant ring pull on it) to complete the giant can aesthetic…

As you step into the giant can, through the door, you are surrounded by mirrored panels. The panels cover the full 360 degree rotation and reflect the reflections from each of the mirrors within the booth. This creates the infinite illusion, making you feel as if you are standing in a never ending space! This was supported by numerous hanging light bulbs and suspended cans that appeared to be floating in an infinite, starry galaxy.

Further to this, the interior experience was amplified by a motion-detecting audio system that senses when a visitor has entered the exhibition and then begins to play the voiceover soundscape. The ‘AI’ voiceover explains the story behind the exhibition and lists a number of important facts surrounding aluminium’s properties as a recyclable material.

For safety precautions, with it being a fully enclosed public installation, we installed a CCTV camera into the booth with a live feed going to a plinth outside the Infinity Room. This also enables passers-by to see what’s going on inside and entices them to join the queue!

This installation has initially been installed at Glasgow Science Centre and will be there, in situ, until January 8th 2023. From there the tour will continue at another UK science centre. Keep an eye on Every Can Count’s social channels (below) to find out more!