What we did

  • Design and Idea Creation
  • Set Build and Development
  • Installation and Logistics
  • 3D Mock-ups and Visuals
  • Structural Engineering
  • Commissioned Lead Artist

Corona Wave of Waste

In Brief

Sketch Events worked with Wieden + Kennedy, Corona’s global advertising agency to design, build and install a unique giant wave installation made from plastic waste for World Oceans Day.

In Detail

Corona takes the issue of marine plastic pollution seriously and is raising awareness by inserting plastic into another place it doesn’t belong with an eye-catching interactive installation.

Wave of plastic

Sketch Events was briefed by Wieden + Kennedy, Corona’s global advertising agency, to create a unique stunt and interactive installation in London: a “Wave of Waste” sculpture at the Old Street Domination site in London. The installation featured Australian actor Chris Hemsworth surfing a wave of waste plastic. The plastic was collected in the UK, including waste from Holywell beach by The Marine Conservation Society. The total weight was 1,200kg of plastic – the amount of marine plastic pollution found on the beach every two miles in the UK.

Public interaction

The public could also contribute to the installation by dropping off their own plastic waste at the site of the billboard. This was incorporated into the sculpture in the lead up to World Oceans Day (6 – 8 June), adding to over 10,000 individual pieces of plastic already included in the artwork.

Sketch design and production

Sketch Events produced the 3D mock ups and visuals for the installation, commissioned the lead artist, designed and built the giant, 10m x 5m wave and installed it on site at Old Street Domination over three days and nights, with de-rig 14 days after final install. All plastic waste was sourced from Virador and beach cleans, rebranded, washed and sorted, with post event recycling.

Sketch also handled the bespoke lighting with moving wave, structural engineering, logistics, health and safety, security, time-lapse filming and photography, as well as all branded elements.

Media Coverage

The stunt generated considerable coverage. This included broadcast on Sky News and ITV News, print coverage in the Daily Mail, Daily Star and Evening Standard, and online on Telegraph Online, Mail Online, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Creative Review and CampaignOnline. This activation had a reach of approximately 1.6 billion!

For more information about marine plastic pollution and Corona’s commitment to protect islands around the world, visit 100IslandsProtected.com