What we did

  • Research & Development
  • Location Scouting
  • International Liason
  • Installation & Logistics
  • Set Build & Development
  • Event Staffing & Management
  • Filming & Content Capture
  • Beach Clean

Corona: Plastic Letter

Our third World Ocean’s Day stunt for Corona – this time, in Mexico! We recently helped our good friends at Wieden + Kennedy bring an important message, about the global plastic problem, to the world’s attention.

In Brief

We worked with the incredible team La Mercedre Creativa to collect the plastic waste along a stretch of beach, in a protected nature reserve, deep in the heart of the Tulum jungle.

The 494kg of plastic ocean waste was used to create the 40m letter visualising Corona’s commitment to net-zero plastic.

In Detail

During the initial research & development phase of this project, we remotely scouted locations across the globe who reported high levels of pollution on their beaches from Mexico to Bali, Indonesia and more.

After finding the most suitable location, a beach-in-need off the coast of the Sian Kahn nature reserve in Tulum, we applied for and obtained all necessary permits to carry out the works and organised a beach clean to clear and collect all the plastic litter on the shoreline. This clean-up operation took a team of 100 people a total of 2 whole weeks!

The beach had very restricted access leading to it. We organised specialist logistics and transport to site. Once ready with all the plastic, work began and we (alongside our local production partner and a Mexican sand artist) started carving out the letters in the sand. The letter itself totalled a whopping 40m long!

Throughout the entire process, we were ready with a full content crew to capture and document the entire process from start to finish. All still photography, videography, drone content, timelapses and interviews were organised and captured by our local content crew.

We only had 4 weeks in total to take this idea and turn it into a seamlessly-executed project and, after all was done, we left the beach spotless. All the plastic that was collected from the clean and used in the letter was subsequently repurposed or recycled.

Social Reach

This stunt received global social coverage generating vast amounts of views and social noise across all platforms.