What we did

  • Prop Design and Build
  • Commissioned Lead Artist
  • Set Build and Development
  • Structure Transportation

Confused.com 2019

In Brief

Confused.com wanted to do something to highlight and commemorate all the weird, wacky and wonderful trends of the very confusing year that was 2019. Karmarama commissioned Sketch to build a bespoke sculpture, in the shape of the 4 digits in 2019, that incorporated the year’s craziest moments – from baby sharks to Instagram’s record-breaking egg!

In Detail

2019 was full of confusing trends that spread across all corners of the globe. We saw some very peculiar changes in the world of politics, some very questionable songs going viral and everything in between! Being ‘Confused’.com; they wanted to do something that would encompass the confusion of 2019 and showcase it, to remind us all of each craze that took the country by storm.

We created a huge sculpture, in the shape of the 4 digits in 2019, and covered it in bespoke props that depicted the craziest happenings and really brought them to life! It included things like Amazon’s delivery robots, a few dummy-sucking baby sharks, a wall of bubble-butts and plenty of other elements spanning politics, global warming, social media trends and more!

The sculpture measures a whopping 7m in length and 2.65m in height. Once fabricated, we transported the behemoth from the production workshop to the photography studio for the shoot. After the shoot, we transported the structure up to confused.com’s offices where it is currently being kept and displayed as a permanent installation.

Check out the pictures in the gallery above (if you haven’t already) and have a close look… see how many of 2019’s wacky trends you can spot that have been incorporated to this build!