What we did

  • Design and Idea Creation
  • Creative Visuals
  • Site Management and Logistics
  • Set Build and Development
  • Venue Install and Layout
  • Food and Beverage Management

Campari: Meet the Masters

In Brief

Campari Group UK commissioned us to create an immersive space where they bought together four of the world’s finest master distillers and blenders from Grand Marnier, Glen Grant, Appleton Estate and Wild Turkey together under the same roof for the first time ever.

Campari UK launched ‘Meet The Masters’, a bespoke spirits-world experience on May 14th to more than 500 exclusively invited guests over the course of 3 days where they got to share a unique and intimate experience with the masters – tasting sessions with each of them, panel discussions hosted by top names in the industry, and a chance to explore each of the brands in stunningly designed rooms dedicated to each of the brands.

In Detail

Working very closely with the Campari UK team, we sourced an amazing venue in central London – 10-11 Carlton House Terrace – where we took over the whole of the ground floor and transformed the rooms and spaces into a beautifully designed space for the launch of Meet the Masters.

Each of the rooms were individually represented with selected furniture, prints, props, plants & flowers, aroma’s & music bringing each of the brands to life. From the design and manufacture of the invitation boxes, to the music and catering and everything in between gave us an event we are truly proud of having produced.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum’s and master distiller Joy Spence: Being the first woman to hold the position of Master Blender in the spirits industry, and Appleton Estate being based in such a stunning tropical location made the design of this room a total pleasure. Large palm trees, stalks of sugar cane, furniture with copper and green tones, giant prints of the distillery and local scenery together with aromas of dark chocolate, coffee beans, vanilla pods, molasses and the sounds of Jamaican jazz, bought the room to life and saw the wonderful Joy Spence sitting in a designer peacock chair surrounded by the lush feeling of home.

Wild Turkey Bourbon’s master distiller Eddie Russell: Being from Kentucky USA gave us great inspiration to design this room and space to make guests feel immersed in the brand. We took inspiration from the brands main label and used accents of burgundy & cream in the furnishings together with, aromas of wheat, barley, oak barrels, pear, peppercorns & caramel with sounds of southern Blues music. We even had a taxidermy turkey taking pride of place!

Grand Marnier’s master Patrick Raguenaud: The Raguenaud family have been in the cognac industry since 1627 which gave wonderful history and passion to design this space. We used giant orange fruit bearing trees, lots of red velvet furnishings, gold mirrors and framed prints with black gloss tables and beautiful ornate drinks trolleys. The orange trees gave off a stunning aroma which filled the room as you entered and with a background sound of soft French jazz music, this room was a firm favourite of all who entered.

Glen Grant’s master distiller Dennis Malcolm: Being from the Scottish Highlands and a whiskey with tons of heritage and history let us bring this space to life with 2 giant Scottish pine trees flanking the masters chair which was dressed with beautiful tartan blankets and cushions. Wreaths of wheat and dried heather, bowls full of pine cones and various grains together with special nosing glasses used for the tasting sessions ensured full immersion of the brand was enjoyed by all. Soft lighting and sounds of the Scottish hills gave the room a cosy warm feel which encouraged guests to stay and linger.

On top of the design & build of the rooms, Sketch Events also oversaw all the bar set-up for some of Campari UK’s best bartenders who put on an amazing show and menu of cocktails throughout the days and especially at the evening cocktail party launch event. We choose copper barware and used this together with individually chosen glassware for each of the especially designed drinks.

We also hired one of London’s best catering companies and worked closely with them and Campari to choose a wonderful canape menu for the cocktail evening and then a fine-dining four course menu for intimate dinners each evening with the masters.

We produced over 350 invites for the selected guests – 250 of which were bespoke boxes, fabricated from premium-quality materials and filled with a miniature version of each master’s bottle. As well as the drinks, invitees would also find an RSVP card inside their box with the details of the upcoming ‘Meet the Masters’ event.

The event itself was held at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, a stunning venue with marble floors and famous, original paintings. We decorated 6 rooms with floor vinyl, picture frames, foliage and furniture and 4 of those rooms were transformed, to perfectly represent each individual master and their story.

Have a look through the picture gallery above, to see how each master’s room was dressed to embody their brand and heritage.

On the very first day, after being introduced to the masters and having had a chance to learn the master blenders’ ways, a drinks reception was held in the largest room where over 100 attendees were served a range of cocktails. These were specifically chosen to incorporate the masters’ alcohols.

The invitees had a chance to mingle and network amongst each other whilst a DJ supplied the music all night long. After the night was done, the guests were given a goodie bag with a special edition bottle of Gran Marnier inside as a parting gift.

Days 2 and 3 included a full sit-down dinner for the guests who enjoyed premium catering as well as tasting sessions run by each of the 4 Campari masters.