What we did

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  • Prop Design and Build
  • Set Build and Development
  • Talent Sourcing

by CHLOE Edible Billboard

In Brief

International vegan street-food brand ‘by CHLOE’ had begun construction of their newest London restaurant in Oxford Circus and they asked us to produce something that would with wow factor that would grab the eye of passers-by – a giant, edible billboard would do just that!

In Detail

By CHLOE are a vegan restaurant chain that serve street-food style food without the use of any animal product whatsoever and they are growing rapidly in terms of popularity and restaurant locations.

They had recently unveiled that they will be opening a brand new location in Oxford Circus, London and came to Sketch Events to conjure a creative idea to let people know about the new restaurant in an emphatic manner and to get them through the doors of the restaurant when it opened.

We came up with a giant, bespoke-made, edible billboard with by CHLOE branding. It was covered in 500 pieces of fresh vegetable that made up a picture of one of the most popular dishes on their menu. Our operations team worked closely alongside Michelle, one the UK’s most talented food artist (who we’ve collaborated with in the past) and performed a same-day build and de-rig of the installation on site in order to have it ready for the pedestrians. Passers-by would then be able to take a vegetable item off of the billboard and trade it in for a free guac burger at the new restaurant. Every single one of the 500 pieces of vegetables were gone within just 2 hours with queues spanning around the block!

All the food products that were used, we donated to food banks after the event was finished. Luckily, we got plenty of pictures for you to see for yourself if you weren’t luckily enough to cross paths with it on the day! Check them out in the gallery above.