The Best Christmas PR Stunts of Recent Years

Published on 22 December 2021

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Best Christmas PR Stunts From The Recent Years

Christmas is the season of giving – and, ultimately, the season of buying! Every year, we are bombarded with promotional Christmas content, campaigns and ads from brands that apushing their products and services for your friends’ and familys’ stockings…

What we’ve decided to do, infected by the spirit of Christmas, is sift through the noise and hand-pick some of our favourite examples of festive PR stunts and campaigns, from recent years, to share with you!

1. Elves Behavin’ Badly: Tree Prank

In 2020, Elves Behavin Badly commissioned us to put together a creative and ‘naughty’ multi-faceted PR campaign that would capture the essence of that peculiar year and bring a smile to the face of all who endured 2020…

For the PR stunt, we conceptualised and designed a beautiful Christmas tree installation and turned it into a ‘sabotaged’ prank. For us to execute this ‘sabotaged’ tree prank, we built a mechanical structure, that resembled the shape of a huge 10m Christmas tree. It was made with a hinge function which allowed the tree to safely topple over at the top, as if it had snapped in half! The tree was fully branded with Elves Behavin’ Badly logos and products as well as being decorated head to toe in lights, baubles and even giant Christmas presents…

2. EasyJet Christmas Lights

In 2018, as a celebration of the holiday season, EasyJet and Luton Airport turned many families’ and children’s lives magical when they introduced their festive surprise for the year – the world’s first Christmas light show to feature a 120ft aircraft.

EasyJet provided an A320 Airbus to Luton Airport ground crews, who decorated the plane with Christmas lights to offer a fantastic festive experience for its customers.

World first Christmas light show – with a plane!

3. Cadbury Secret Santa Post Office

For the 3rd year now, Cadbury is giving away free bars of their chocolate selection with a twist – chocolate lovers have to give them away by using Cadbury’s Secret Santa’s Post Office service.

The festive postal service is touring across the country and popping up at high footfall places in busy cities. This year, Cadbury is promising people can spread the magic even further by donating one chocolate bar to a food bank in the Trussell Trust network for each bar sent to a loved one. This super clever stunt has been a huge success for years now and it’s popularity doesn’t seem to go anywhere soon. 

4. Royal Mail Singing Post Boxes

In 2018, Royal Mail launched four ‘singing post boxes’ with festive tunes and well wishes from Father Christmas coming out of them every time someone posted a letter through the letter box. The festive PR stunt had appeared at high footfall places in Belfast, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh over the holiday season cheering people up on their daily walks.


5. Coca Cola – White Christmas in Singapore 

Coca Cola has been famous for its festive advertisements let it be TV ads, product packaging or experiential events. In 2014, Coca Cola went over and beyond with one of their most famous Christmas stunts. The soft drink company brought the festive spirit of Christmas to Singapore through a global campaign that connected people in a creative way. 

The #shareawhitechristmas campaign featuring falling snow from Lapland brought a little festivity to Singaporians who usually have temperatures of 30 degrees all year around. 

With a genius idea, Coca Cola created a live feed between Lapland and Singapore giving children the chance to send snow to each other across the globe. 

White Christmas in Singapore