Our Favourite Festive Christmas Campaigns

Published on 20 December 2019

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Romford Wrap

Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year. Spirits are high and joy seems to spread through the nation as we draw closer and closer to the end of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to utilise PR stunts as a marketing tool and engage with your audience by getting involved in the Christmas celebrations.

Below you’ll find a few examples of, what we think are, some of the best Christmas PR stunts in recent years… it’s a gift from us to you.


KLM Airlines – Christmas Dinner Table @ Amsterdam Schipol Airport

Dutch Airline KLM pulled off a heart-warming Christmas pr stunt in December of 2016 by giving lonesome jetsetters a chance to share some Christmas spirit with total strangers as they waited for their flights.

They installed 20 seats in a circular formation at Amsterdam Schipol Airport around a table hosting a very impressive Christmas spread. The only catch was that the table was raised up, to the roof, and the only way for it to be lowered was for all 20 seats to be filled.

Watch what happened, below, when the table was fully seated and a collective of 20 strangers were brought together to share a Christmas dinner as one…


TGI Fridays – Mistletoe Drone

Apparently around 50% of the adults in the UK have never had a kiss under the mistletoe and, with TGI Friday’s being known for their love of celebration, they wanted to bring people together to celebrate the Christmas period. They came up with their own high-tech, Christmas spin on the ‘kiss-cam’ by introducing the ‘Mistletoe Drone’ to one of their restaurants in Manchester for their #Togethermas campaign.

As couples enjoyed romantic meals with their partners or dates, in the run up to the Christmas holiday, the drone flew round Manchester Royal Exchange TGI Fridays, dangling the mistletoe over their unsuspecting heads and capturing their reactions on video.


#CadventCalendar Trucks

Cadbury’s are no stranger to a Christmas PR campaign and their #CadventCalendar stunt, done in partnership with Heart FM, caught our eye.

Each window of the #CadventCalendar was represented by a giant purple, Cadbury’s lorry that was branded and decorated in line with the festivities of the Christmas holiday. Every day leading up to Christmas, a truck would pull up and reveal a huge Christmas surprise inside; from a chocolate grotto to a Christmas choir, a huge present giveaway and even a live concert! Every day a different area received a big serving of Cadbury’s Christmas magic.


Giant Wrapping Dispenser

Christmas shopping is, more often than not, an absolute nightmare in more ways than one. It’s physically exhausting, financially damaging and emotionally draining. Choosing the perfect gift for your half-cousin, twice removed, requires a lot of brainpower and makes it easy to forget the little things… something needed to be done to make Christmas shopping cheaper and easier.

Romford Council asked us to install a giant Christmas wrapping paper dispenser on South Street of Romford Town Centre. The dispenser housed almost 2 whole miles of wrapping paper for passers-by to tear off and take home with them.

Check out our case study for more info on this Christmas PR stunt


Pret A Manger Storefront Wrapping

In line with the launch of their new Christmas sandwiches, Pret A Manger decided to get Christmassy executing a very fun and engaging PR stunt for the holiday season.

They used Christmas wrapping paper to giftwrap an entire Pret A Manger storefront in London for passers-by to unwrap. Once they unwrapped the storefront, the public could walk through into the store and help themselves to a free Christmas sandwich.