Stunt of the week: Great British Apples Day pop-up event

Published on 13 October 2017

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Autumn is upon us and that means harvest time – and apples and pears in particular. So our favourite stunt of the week comes from English Apples & Pears in a seasonal pop-up event celebrating this most quintessential of English produce.

Apple Day pop-up

Orchard pop-up

On 20th October, visitors to London’s Covent Garden will be able to sample the best of British in a pop-up store designed to look like a “healthy version of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory”.

Like a traditional pick-your-own farm, visitors can walk through an English orchard, transplanted to the heart of the city, and help themselves to fruit – with unlimited free samples.

To add an interactive twist, there will be an apple matchmaking service called ‘Appily Ever After’, where experts from English Apples & Pears will choose the best variety for customers.

“There are an incredible number of apples in Britain, but I’d put money on most people only being able to name one or two,” says Steven Munday, on behalf of English Apples & Pears. “We want to put British apples on the map and show people how fantastic our apples taste. British apple season is an incredibly exciting time, with new varieties coming into supermarkets and shops all the time. We want to encourage people to get out there and try them.”

Traditional marketing

We love a seasonal stunt, and this back-to-basics experiential style makes a nice contrast to the technology-driven events and stunts other brands are increasingly using to promote their brands.