Stunt of the week: Trivago woman pranks Londoners

Published on 15 September 2017

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Trivago stunt of the week

In the latest stunt of the week, Trivago takes aim at its own ad campaign with a humorous piece of experiential marketing. Gabrielle Miller, the ubiquitous face of Trivago’s latest ad campaign, took to the streets of London to deface the ads that made her famous (or infamous) and took social media by storm.

The ad campaign has taken over whole Underground stations and streets, with actress Miller’s face in an ad that wants you to ‘Find your ideal hotel for the best price’. There is no escape – she is literally everywhere.

To pay homage to the marketing campaign, Trivago gave Miller an open brief – just to “look as spooky as possible.” So she’s been blending in across sites in London, defacing posters, standing in front of the posters and trolling commuters. The actress has been sharing the activity on her Instagram Mad Gab; here’s a video of her hijinks…

We love a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously!