Romford’s Lucky Phone Box

December 1, 2016 - 1 minute read


A few weeks ago we worked with Threepipe on a fun project to promote Romford as one of the luckiest places in the UK.  According to National Lottery figures, the lottery has created 51 millionaires in Romford since it was launched in 1994 so we were briefed to produce a PR stunt that allowed lucky Romford-ers to share their luck with the rest of the UK.

We created a lucky phone box PR stunt in Romford town centre which allowed the lucky people of Romford share their wisdom with callers from all over the UK.


The lucky phone box rang between 11am and 3.30pm and everyone passing by was encouraged to pick up the phone and share their lucky numbers. We also managed the event filming & production which was used to make content for their social channels.

The PR stunt was well received and gave UK callers extra ammunition to win big on the National Lottery.

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