Sketch Loves: A Marmite Christmas

November 8, 2012 - 1 minute read

It may be a little too soon to post about Christmas, but bear with us, we’re actually talking about Christmas lights. Festive decorations start well before December the 25th, and so by that logic we can start talking about them sooner.

When you think of Christmas lights, what kind of images does it conjure up? How about…marmite? No? Well, love it or hate it, the delicious/disgusting spread is sponsoring the Oxford Street Christmas lights this year, in a clever experiential event that calls for the public to upload pictures of their marmite induced expressions. The photos will be displayed on an interactive banner over Selfridges along with pictures of people taken at a Bond Street bus stop.

And if that isn’t enough yeast for you just yet, characters made out of lights will line the designated streets, flashing in a sequence that will show them loving or hating their marmite.

The lights were turned on by the one and only Robbie Williams this Monday, and given that around 18.49 million shoppers visit Oxford Street each month, it can only mean big business for the brand – who have launched a limited edition golden jar just for the occasion.

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