Create a life sized and life like replica of a T. Rex covered by a blood stained sheet for a tour of London and Kent.


Prop design & build

Filming permits & licenses

Transportation & route planning

Location sourcing

Sourced staff & actors

Onsite logistics


Sketch teamed up with Premier and The National Geographic Channel to produce a PR stunt that would cause a stir in central London.  The stunt was to promote National Geographic Channel’s new television show T. Rex Autopsy which was to be aired at 8pm on Sunday 7th June.

The idea was to transport a replica T.Rex across central London and make it appear to be on its way to National Geographic HQ.   Although the overall idea was simple this large-scale project required keen attention to detail and logistical know-how.

We create a life sized and life-like replica of a T. Rex covered by a blood stained sheet then transported the beast around iconic locations and tourist hotspots around central London.

The huge T. Rex was created using imagery taken from the creation of the show T. Rex Autopsy and thorough research.  Intricate logistics planning was required to move the dinosaur around a busy city centre at rush hour on its 18 tonne delivery system.

The PR stunt was extremely well received with the sighting of the beast going viral on social media.

Coverage highlights include: The Express, Sun, Standard, Mirror, Metro, One Show, Newsround, and London Tonight

We are thrilled to be unveiling T. Rex Autopsy to British audiences this Sunday, a one-off special event featuring the world’s first full-size, anatomically complete recreation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, made in line with the latest paleontological discoveries. To mark this occasion and the start of Jurassic Week on National Geographic Channel, a replica T. Rex hit the streets of London to give the public a taster of what is to come.
Whilst the replica went on a fleeting journey, National Geographic Channel viewers will get the unprecedented opportunity to witness the dissection in a cutting-edge science experiment, as four intrepid scientists get to the heart of what made this fearsome creature tick.

Ed Sayer, VP Commissioning
National Geographic Channels International