Creative café and play areas for the Sky Kids App launch – 1 week event plus celebrity launch party.


Event design & layout

Creative visuals

Front of house & catering staffing


Prop design & build


Location & license booking

Onsite logistics


Sketch worked with Fever PR on the launch of the new Sky Kids App.  The Sky Kids Cafe was a 4 day event, including a celebrity launch, to introduce the app to children and their families during the week of summer half term.

The Sky Kids Cafe featured 3 cartoon worlds including Scooby DooBen & Holly and SpongeBob SquarePants. Each area was specially designed and created complete with familiar houses, scenery and characters.  Sketch worked with a child’s play expert to create tailor-made play experiences in each world.

The SpongeBob world featured the iconic Pineapple house, along with Sandy’s dome house which included experiential activities such as bubble blowing and face painting.  This area was accompanied with kinetic sand pits and interactive underwater projections.

The Ben and Holly world featured a central bandstand prop with a Gaston ladybird track running around its perimeter, a giant red wellington boot, large elf tree with hidden craft cubby holes.  The area was decked in giant blades of grass and flowers with an oversized leaf ceiling panels.

The Scooby Doo world featured an interactive haunted mansion complete with secret tunnel, interactive projections and photo area with photo printing station. The cafe featured a menu designed by Lisa Faulkner, children could choose from Scooby Doo, Ben & Holly or Spongebob SquarePants menus.  Sketch’s kitchen team covered 300 consumers per day.

Over the 4 days the event saw over 1000 consumers through the doors. Sketch designed & created the Sky Kids Cafe in its entirety including the reception area, cafe and the 3 cartoon themed rooms. Sketch sourced the location, secured all required licenses, managed all onsite logistics and provided staffing including front of house & catering staff teams.

Coverage Included: Mirror, Daily Mail Online, Closer, Celebs Now, Event Magazine