Let’s Talk is a campaign designed to spark conversations about mental health. By drawing people’s most difficult thoughts on their faces, photographer Charlie Clift and artist Kate Forrester hope to inspire others to open up about their own mental health.


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Let’s Talk, an awareness campaign backed by Mental Health UK and British Land, is designed to inspire millions of people to open up and have honest conversations about their mental health.

As part of a free outdoor exhibition touring London, the portrait collection is an inspirational and thought-provoking way to get those conversations started.

Photographer Charlie Clift and lettering artist Kate Forrester worked with people from all walks of life, including well-known names such as Alastair Campbell, Sue Perkins, Anna Richardson, Bryony Gordon and Jordan Stephens, to create portraits that literally put people’s most difficult thoughts on their faces.

Everyone featured in the project has had mental health difficulties. Charlie interviewed each volunteer to find out how they would describe these in their own words. Charlie and Kate then picked out words and phrases from the interview which they felt best explained each person’s experience.

On the day of the photoshoot Kate hand-lettered these words onto the person’s face. Having literally put their toughest thoughts out in the open, Charlie then photographed them whilst they talked about their life, their passions and their difficulties.

Sketch Events are proud to have donated its services free of charge to support this important by designing and managing the live exhibition, and creating the marketing/awareness campaign to publicise the project. The campaign would not have been possible without the support and hard work of a number of other organisations and people:

Mental Health UK: charity partner
British Land: exhibition partner
– Sketch Events: exhibition production
Peter Lewis Beighton: filmmaker
Jonathan Neill: sponsorship support
Twelfthman: website design
Plank PR: publicity
The Photography Movement: help and advice

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Extensive media coverage of the visually-arresting and thought provoking campaign, plus public interaction in several high-traffic locations including Liverpool Street’s Broadgate and Paddington Central.