Sketch Events worked with Grosvenor Casino’s PR agency to design and deliver a unique and immersive Virtual Reality experience to promote their ‘Call of The Wild’ creative campaign for Christmas 2017.


Design and Idea Creation

Installation and logistics

VR hardware install and manage

Set Build and Development

Virtual Reality storyboard build and oversee

VR 360 filming

Grosvenor Casino 'Call Of The Wild'


The brief was to design and build a temporary VR booth that would invite consumers, 5 at a time, to enter and enjoy a 3-minute immersive experience. The booth was to be located in high footfall areas in London and Manchester for two days in each city, with selected tastemakers, journalists and consumers invited to experience in the event.

On entering the branded booth, guests found themselves in a black space – dimly lit, cold and filled with the scent of pine to evoke a winter forest – before putting on their Oculus Rift VR headsets. They were instantly transported to a winter wilderness with a full moon, falling snow, wind howling through snow covered pine trees and the Northern Lights shining in the sky above. Five Arctic animals appeared through the falling snow from the treeline ahead: as they approached, they stood up on two legs and were dressed as humans.

These characters from the ‘Grosvenor Casino Wild Pack’ invited the guests to follow them – towards a casino sign, through the woods and into a casino ‘set’. Removing their headsets, guests found the pack was now standing in front of them with their characters’ masks on as a curtain was pulled back to reveal a casino setting.

Sketch worked closely with a team of highly experienced VR experts to bring the storyboard to life and produce the VR journey – all to a very tight schedule and budget. Sketch designed and built the booth and all props, internal fixtures and fittings to bring the ‘real’ experience to life around the VR, producing a seamless and truly immersive experience.

The event was covered in local and national press as well as across social media, with the activation delivering on brief, providing an unforgettable experience with real WOW factor.