Take Dairyus, the Greek God of Yoghurt, on a tour of the UK ending at the Urban Fruit Grove party in Greek Street, London.


Prop design & build – incl costume changes

Filming permits & licenses

Creative visuals

Location sourcing & route scheduling

Party styling & dressing

Onsite logistics


Sketch were thrilled when Karmarama approached us with an exciting brief for Onken.  Onken were planning a series of events to promote their new line of Greek fruit yogurts.  Karmarama asked Sketch to design and construct a life-size statue of the Greek God, Dairyus.  Dairyus was to be Onken’s mascot for their new Greek product and Sketch would be taking him on an incredible journey across the country to get to his Urban Fruit Grove party in London.

Dairyus began his week-long journey in Greek Street, Leeds making his way down the country to eventually arrive at Greek Street in London for his big party.  During his journey there were lots of pit stops including fruit farms, canals, Roman BathsBrighton Pier and Lord Hill’s Column.  At each pit stop a photo was taken with Dairyus wearing different outfits and props.  These photos were used in a social media campaign to document Dairyus’s adventure.  The images were used across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels with the hashtag #GoGreek.

Sketch designed the best route for Dairyus’s journey so that he saw as many great sights as possible along the way.  In addition, we sourced all the props and secured filming permits for each location.

Through social media, members of the public were invited to the Urban Fruit Grove party to sample the new Greek yogurt flavours.  The Sketch team also dressed the party venue with Greek style photo frames, Greek column plinths and Dairyus himself.  Party-goers were invited to take selfies of them with Dairyus and upload them to social media.