Sketch’s Top 10 PR Stunts of 2016

January 5, 2017 - 8 minutes read

So 2016 has gone down in history as a bit of a rubbish year overall.  Celebrity  deaths in abundance, Brexit and Trumpgate all contributed to a very confused year.  However, there were still some fabulous PR stunts that captured our imaginations and took us away from all of that.


Good PR stunts really do have the power to bring fun & good feeling to forefront of our minds and here are our Top 10 PR stunts from last year that still make us smile now.  Enjoy…..


1. Jet Blue ‘Fly Babies’



This one is close to my heart as I can sympathize with anyone flying with a baby, its so completely wracking!  Jet Blue‘s PR stunt tied in with Mothers Day in the US.  Jet Blue decided to reward passengers on a flight from JFK to Long Beach every time a baby cried.


The PR Stunt, dubbed ‘FlyBabies’ offered a 25% to passengers each time a baby cried – which meant that if just four babies cried all of the passengers would get a free retrun ticket for their next Jet Blue flight.  Needless to say its rather heart warming when a crying baby receives claps & cheers for crying rather than a scornful look!  Well done Jet Blue, great work!


2. National Geographic Clockwork Lion




We worked with National Geographic to produce a poignant PR stunt for their Big Cat Week programming event. The clockwork lion PR stunt was designed to increase awareness of the struggle big cats face with populations of wild big cats declining at alarming rate.


The giant 3 meter high clockwork lion statue was installed in London’s Trafalgar Square joining the other four famous lions at the tourist attraction.  The clockwork lion took over a month to make consisting of over 500 clock parts and came complete with ticking sound effects to highlight the time running out for Africa’s wild lion population.


The clockwork lion was unveiled by Rachel Riley and passers by were encouraged to take selfies and spread the word of the big cats plight far and wide!


3. Cadburys Creme Egg Pop-Up Cafe




You know the drill, Christmas is over and Cadbury’s Creme Egg‘s come out of hiding instantly!  If like me you love a Cadbury’s Creme Egg then this PR Stunt was really up your street!


The brand opened up a Creme Egg Pop-Up Cafe on Soho’s Greek Street for a full 7 weeks.  The cafe’s menu was epicly focused on the famous confectionery and featured Creme Egg toasties, Creme Egg with soldiers, Creme Egg and strawberries along with loads of other weird and wonderful concoctions which were available to eat-in or take-out.


The PR stunt genuinely did cheer up a gloomy January bringing cheer to London peeps.


4. Carlsberg Chocolate Bar




If Carlsberg did chocolate bars then of course they would do it well, and they did just that!  The lager brand unveiled their chocolate bar outside the Truman Brewery just ahead of the Easter bank holiday – genius!  The bar was ‘unwrapped’ from its giant foil wrapper.


Everything inside the bar including the barstools, dartboard & wallpaper were edible.  All visitors were welcome to have a free half pint of Carlsberg in an engraved chocolate glass.


A PR stunt that appeals to everyone – because who doesn’t like beer and chocolate?


5. Nivea Sunslide



Making health fun is key to a successful PR stunt and this one really hits the nail on the head. Nivea created the Sunslide that sprayed 50+ extra water resistant NIVEA Kids sunscreen on to children as they slide down it.  The slide was installed on a popular beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

This stunt was a huge success and protected more than 100 kids per hour.  I personally hope they roll this one out world wide, I would love a go!


 6. Pizza Express Trump & Hilary Pizzas




Pizza Express made pizza’s with Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton‘s faces on them on the run up to the US election.  Pizza Express cooked 23 of these pizzas throughout the day sliced them up  and gave them away for free 🙂


7. McVitie’s Save the Wedding Day




This is a feel good stunt if ever we heard one.  A couple who had just a few weeks to go before their wedding, still had no cake for their big day.  So McVitie’s stepped in & offered to construct a cake made of almost 1000 Jaffa Cakes after seeing a post on their social media accounts expressing their love for the brand of cakes.

8. Game of Throne Snow Art




We love a Game of Thrones stunt here at Sketch and this one did not disappoint!


Snow artist Simon Beck created a huge snow etching of the magic Direwolf, the sigil of the House of Stark, on the side of a mountain. The artwork took 13 hours to make and was the size of 2.5 football pitches.  Simon Beck had to trudge through 32.5km of Alpine snow through the day & night with only a compass to assist him. That’s some feat!


The stunt was to promote series 6 of the epic TV show coming soon on Sky Atlantic.


9. Brexit Tattoo Parlour




Advertising agency Saatchi London opened a pop-up ‘Brexit Tattoos’ parlour in Soho, London ahead of this years EU Referendum.  The parlour offered free tattoos from a selection of pre-illustrated designs.  The whole idea was to highlight the permanence that each of the public’s vote carried. Turns out permanency won…

Here are a few of the designs that were on offer





10. Reebok Bus Stop Mini Gyms




To support Reebok‘s latest campaign ‘the gym is everywhere’ the sports brand transformed 6 bus stops in Colombia into mini gyms.   Each bus shelter was loaded with bars, steps and even its own personal trainer to instruct waiting passengers on what to do.


Any participants could have their picture taken to share on social media to promote the campaign and more importantly their accomplishment.



So there you have it – our favourite stunts from 2016!  We are looking forward to seeing what this year throws at us and how we all respond in the form of PR stunts!


Something tells us its going to be a corker!

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