Sketch love creating experiential stunts that make people stop dead in their tracks.  Over the years we have become the go-to agency for creating attention grabbing giant props that essentially make people talk.




The success of a PR stunt depends on its ability to engage people and make a lasting impression.  Creating an emotive connection and making memories is the aim of the game.  Publicity stunts that use giant props tend to work very well.


Below are a few reasons why giant prop publicity stunts work well:


They Are Simple


Giant props builds are not simple to actually make, but the idea is generally quite simple.  Making something of average size in giant proportions is a great way of getting people to stop and pay attention.  By engaging people long enough to get them to stop, take a ‘selfie’ and upload it to social media channels is a great way of creating a buzz on social media.  People starting conversations either face-to-face or online is the experiential marketing currency that we want to tap into.


Below is the Giant Dead Parrot we made for GOLD to promote the final Monty Python gigs at the O2.  This 50ft sculpture was so huge and recognizable that people had no choice but to stop and take note.



Accessibility is Key


Everyone is invited! The large nature of giant props means they are usually installed outside making them massively accessible to all.  Ideally you would choose well-known areas with high footfall so that the giant prop build receives maximum exposure during its tenure.  There is a always a cost attached to hiring space for your giant props but there are lots of fantastic spaces to suit all budgets.


Our Clockwork Lion for National Geographic‘s Big Cat Week was placed in London’s Trafalgar Square, where it joined the other four famous lions.




Another way to maximise your PR stunts exposure is to move it around.  Taking a giant prop for a ride around town on a flat bed truck is a fantastic way to increase its visibility.  It can even result in travel update tweets by well-known travel bodies that can make the stunt go viral.


This happened on our T. Rex Autopsy stunt for National Geographic when TFL tweeted about a T.Rex travelling around central London.  The tweet sent the PR stunt viral in a matter of minutes, with the public joining in and sharing their T.Rex sightings throughout the day.



People Engage


When there is a giant prop in front of you its difficult to ignore it.  The level of intrigue is so high that even if you are in a rush you still want to stop and look for a few seconds.


Engagement scores high with PR stunts using a giant prop as they are so in-your-face and recognizable.  Most brands & stunt organizers actively invite the public to touch, interact and photograph the prop to spread the word electronically or in person.   By interacting with the prop, people are creating memories and experiencing the brand first hand which is the perfect way to create an emotive bond with a consumer.


A good example of this is the Giant Dragon Skull we built for Blinkbox‘s promotion of Game of Thrones season three.  Adults and children were encouraged to explore the giant sculpture that ‘washed up’ on the beaches of Jurassic coast.




The same applied to our Giant Hedgehog on Clapham Common to promote David Attenborough‘s series Natural Curiosities.



This form of experiential marketing is so exciting because it takes place in real-time and is hugely tangible.  The experiences a giant prop can lend to a stunt are limitless and can make a huge impact on the impressions it creates.


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