April Fools Favourites

April 5, 2016 - 3 minutes read

The team here at Sketch love nothing more than a classic April Fools prank.  This April brands were out in force letting their creativity run wild producing fun filled content for us all to enjoy.

Here is a round up of a few of our favourites that should provide a few chuckles along the way.


Pimm’s O’clock at Big Ben




Pimm’s, famous for their ‘Pimm’s O’clock‘ tagline, pulled an epic stunt this April Fools by unveiling ‘an unprecedented sponsorship deal’ to display it’s logo across the face of the iconic Big Ben clock all summer until the 31st August.

Peter Sissons was seen reporting on the branding deal in front of the London landmark which went viral.



Pretty classic!



BBC Store Video



The BBC had our office chuckling away with this infomercial introducing the new BBC Video Store feature that with every BBC Store purchase you will receive a free VHS copy straight to your door!  What could actually be better?


Our personal favourite is the hipster set on bringing back the ‘classic’ VHS.



Deliveroo – Tele Order Tech



Deliveroo have pushed boundaries with their April Fools’ Day prank by working with top neuroscientists to develop ‘hands-free’ food ordering for customers.  This ground breaking development allows busy customers to order food telepathically rather than wasting time swiping left and right and pressing buttons.  Sounds great, right?



Virgin Trains – Steam Commuter Trains




Virgin Trains announced that they were adding vintage steam train services to their East Coast and West Coast routes.  Commuters were informed that this special service would not have any cost implications and that a 25% discount on tickets was available to customers who are willing to shovel coal during their journey.



Rowse – Wasp Honey




This April Fools PR stunt  from Rowse Honey gave a cute, feel good vibe to the day by introducing a foreign exchange for 10,000 Mexican wasps in order to give British honey bees a well earned rest!


The wasps would take their new positions for a 10 week period.  During their stay they were made more comfortable in bespoke hives heated to the optimum temperature of 23 degrees and fitted with miniature speakers that play a personlised mixed tape of Latin American music to ensure the wasps don’t miss home too much.


Ahhhhh too sweet!


We had a lot of fun compiling this blog so a huge thank you to all the brands that dedicated their time to putting smiles on our faces.


Happy April everyone!



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