Valentines PR Stunts – Love Is In the Air

February 15, 2016 - 2 minutes read

So Valentines Day has been and gone for yet another year and love was certainly in the air for the events industry.  PR stunts and experiential campaigns were brilliantly created to get us feeling all warm and fuzzy for the big day.


Here are a few of our faves…


Times Square Heart of Hearts




A romantic art installation has been installed in New York‘s Times Square for Valentines Day allowing tourists and locals to pucker up in the name of art.


New York’s Times Square has long been associated with kissing due to the iconic image, The Kiss, taken during the V- J Day celebrations on August 14th 1945.




The golden, mirrored  hearts simultaneously reflect the couples in it and the square around it creating a kaleidoscopic effect blurring the boundaries between viewing and performing.


The installation is beautifully executed and does a wonderful job of spreading the love in one of the busiest city hubs in the world.


Virgin Trains Love Carriage




Virgin Train passengers could purchase a ticket to a unique speed dating experience this weekend.  The ‘Love Carriage’ set off from London’s King Cross at 2.52pm on 14th February only to return at 7.52pm.


Once boarded the passengers were showered with red roses, prosecco,  romantic music and their host for the afternoon, Channel Four‘s First Dates personality Fred Sirieix.


For the duration of the journey passengers would switch seats for the chance to find their potential perfect match.


It certainly beats the Monday morning commute!





Durex ‘Lube Bouquets’


Valentines Day is always a good opportunity for Durex to come up with something funny and comical to promote their sexy brand.  This year they did not disappoint!


They sent out a number of ‘lube bouquets’ to journalists to get them all prepped for the romantic weekend.


Jounalist Natasha Hinde tweeted ‘In for a busy weekend…’



If it were up to us we would award Durex the title of best Valentines PR stunt this year – literally too funny!


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